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    Impressive performance and the latest technology are just the beginning. The LG 70- to 79-inch class TV category features stunningly wide displays and brilliant colors -- for a view that's undeniably captivating.
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    Average Rating for 70 Inch to 79 Inch TVs

    1. 1 year ago
      Tv to av cable consealment
      I bought an oled77w8p. I would like 90 degree cable connection at the soundbar. That would put the soundbar closer to wall below the tv.The 90 degree needs to go downward, but could also go upward. Using a brush decora template would totally conceal the connection. The picture and sound are excellent. Plan to add wireless speakers inorder to enhance the Dolby Atmos effect. ( I should note, prior to the W8, we had a W7)
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    2. 5 months ago
      Terrific TV - Specatacular Clarity
      Purchased a few weeks ago and cannot be more pleased as to how wonderful this TV is with great clarity and functionality. The sound bar is a bit of a challenge for some folks, but works in my house. A definite must for those that want a great tv!
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    3. 1 year ago
      Best TV in the world?
      There isnt a better premium television than this out there right now.
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    1. 3 months ago
      Great sounds and vibrant colors!
      I have this TV for almost a month now. Setup is very easy. No issues with connecting to the internet and signing in to streaming apps. It is slim and has a sleek appearance. Fits perfectly in a home theatre. Picture quality is great and sound is awesome without a sound bar. The magic remote is very easy to use and I like how you can use it as a regular navigator or like a mouse pointer. It also has a voice assistant built in which is very useful. I am loving it so far and I highly recommend this television!
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    2. 3 months ago
      Another Amazing TV from LG
      The unboxing of the TV requires at least two people. I had three, which made it easier. Two people held the TV while the third one connected the base. Unfortunately, I found the recommended unboxing instructions in the bottom of the box, after I had already removed the TV. I do recommend putting the base together before attaching and have the screws ready. The magic remote is magic. Everything I plugged into the TV can now be controlled with the remote, no programming required. I used the EARC ... read more plug for my LG soundbar and ran my LG 4K Blu Ray player through the input on my soundbar as well. My streaming box is plugged directly into my TV and I can use the magic remote to control my streaming box. LG has taken away all the annoyance of trying to program a remote, and I’m not mad about it. The TV sports a 120hz (240hz with processor support) refresh rate panel that is backed up by HDMI 2.1 support. The HDMI 2.1 support is necessary to support refresh rates over 60hz in 4K. With those specs this TV is set for the future. The color and HDR are amazing. I have another LG 4K TV that is from several years ago, and it can’t compare. This TV supports all the main HDR standards (Dolby vision, HDR 10 and HDR 10+), which if you don’t know what HDR is, it’s a really advanced way of making different areas of your screen bright or dim based on what is on the display, a huge improvement over old school side and backlit panels that have the same constant brightness everywhere. You mix that with a super clear image and high color accuracy, for a top of the line TV.
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    3. 3 months ago
      Super Smart
      I expected some good features from a smart TV with Alexa and Google Assistant built in, but there were a few nice surprises. The picture is outstanding and integration with my other home theater components is nearly flawless. I expected to be able to output sound back through the HDMI connection to my surround sound amp, but there's a lot more going through the cable than just sound. It will also control the volume of the amp, and even go one more step back through to control the Blu-ray player ... read more connected through the amp. I've streamed UHD movies through the Blu-ray player and directly to the TV, and the picture is great either way. The first Blu-ray movie I watched on it was Arctic, to test how good those blacks really were. The contrast of the white snow against the black rocks and soil was amazing. And it handles action movies just as well. Star Wars space battles and superhero fights look as good at home as they do at the movie theater. The software is top notch as well. Every streaming service I use except for one has a native app available, including some you won't find on every TV. And it's easy to customize the home menu and put the ones you most up front for quick access. The remote is slick as well, with one of those fancy pointing systems that senses the orientation of the remote and lets you actually point and click at items on the screen instead of having to click past every other button with the up, down, left, and right keys. Oh, and that pointer even works in the apps as well. Definitely not the cheapest TV in the showroom, but worth every penny.
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    1. 3 weeks ago
      Lg 70 4k tv
      I was interested in a larger LG tv, had 55” and wanted a bigger one to hang on the wall. Very impressed with this one. Has magic remote, instant Nexflix, and amazon video on magic remote. Tv looks and operates great. Picture is beautiful and everything was easy to setup and adjust. Tv hung on wall nicely as well. This tv has great sound too. I have it plugged into my denon surround sound system too. But the tv internal speaker sounds nice on its own. So far I’m very impressed with this tv.
    2. 2 months ago
      The only caveat to a ‘5’ rating was installation
      That’s the only reason it isn’t a 5. Their vendor for install is horrible! 1-not thorough;2-act like they are doing yo a favor; 3-didn’t complete the job, but took their install fee; Terrible to work with. Buy It Installed is the vendor company. Devon-Golden, CO was my so-called installer. But, I’m happy with the TV. Devon was supposed to show me how to use the ‘gadgets’ and did not. I had to hire someone else & pay him to show me and to hang it on the wall.
    3. 6 days ago
      good tv
      I bought this tv one month ago and I happy with it.
    1. 3 months ago
      Heavy great quality
      Installed 2019 model to complement downstairs LG. TV. Integrates great with google hone and picture is very clear. Installation was simple however the integration into google home took a little longer since could not view it in the app.
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    2. 3 months ago
      Movie theater experience at home
      Received my 75 Inch Nano 8 Series TV about a week ago and was very excited to try to get it installed and mounted on the wall. Unpacking and installing mounting brackets was easy and required two person to lift it onto position. We mainly use Netflix and Amazon video streaming services in our Media room. Additional also streaming sports events live from my laptop. Once you configure Netflix app, it gives you an option to upgrade your subscription to High definition Video, we declined this since ... read more the picture if perfect as it is. Compared to our 65 inch UHD the configuration of wireless network, which supports 5GHz routers is pretty easy, specific using the wonderful mouse enabled remote control. Another great feature us the CH Plus application, great for watching streaming hundreds of channels, mostly podcasts of sport, news and even kids channels. The TV integrates well with Google voice, using the LG Smart Thing app. The google application give you control on searching and also turning TV off remotely. The display gives great contrast, and gives you a real life experience when watching movies. The TV offers many tuning options to sound and video parameters. We enjoy the Vivid display setting the most. The sound nearly gives a surround sound feeling and getting an external sound bar will just enhance this even more, but sufficient without it. An additional great feature is the web browser, supplemented with the remote mouse, we can watch our online streaming news channels live from our favorite websites. This TV all in all have a superior display to previous models, sound is great and gives you a real awesome movie and sport experience at home. We are already looking down at our LG UHD 65" and a possible upgrade. For the display and sound will give this TV a solid 5/5 rating, bigger is the new better!!.
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    3. 3 months ago
      NanoCell 75"-Magic Remote does it all!
      I have been getting to know my LG 75" Nanocell Tv. The more I use it the more I like it!Setting it up was very easy with the Magic Remote! The remote is point and click like a computer mouse or can be voice activated! So if you don't know what to do press voice and instruct your smart TV! The LG ThinQ AI is the first with Alexa and Google Home built in. I don't have either but am buying one to get the most out of my new TV. Being able to control Alexa and Google home really steps up the AI ... read more features of this TV. The Magic Remote is a Universal remote so you can run all your electronics, play Netflix, Hulu, search the web, You Tube, etc. Netflix loads really fast on this TV!! There is an LG app store too. There are also LG channels that come preloaded on the TV with interesting channels that I have never seen before. LG really has put a lot of thought into making this a truly complete entertainment center!! They have thought of details you didn't know you needed or wanted until you try them on the LG TV's- then you wonder how you ever did without them!!The TV connects through WI FI, Bluetooth, and even your smart phone. It has 4HDMI Inputs, 3 USB ports so you ca hook up your gaming systems, dvr's, and other electronics. This TV is very energy efficient which is really nice because this is a HUGE TV!! We bought a PS 4 PRO and have played assasins creed. The picture is so sharp the characters look life like. It's easy to see the written captions in the game on this TV!! The TV sounds like it is surround sound. I am pretty new to LG electronics but I am impressed!! LG is right- Life is Good!!
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    1. 3 months ago
      One of the Best OLED TVs! Read the Review!
      LG has done it again with OLED C9 series TV - it is one of the best TVs currently on the market! Last year it was LG’s C8 OLED TV and one would not think that there was any way to improve it and make it better, however LG engineers had a lot to offer and made OLED C9 series stand out once again. I thought I would never say that, but I find this TV almost perfect in its design and function. First of all, I’ll throw some technical terms out there: HDMI 2.1, eARC, Variable Refresh Rate , HDR10 - ... read more all these are new upgrades and best of all, they futureproof this TV for the years to come. LG also improved and upgraded its Alpha 9 to Gen 2 processor which is responsible for image processing with the help of AI (artificial intelligence) as well as AI enabled sound improvements and even its smart functions are being AI analyzed (WebOS with ThinQ AI). Basically, all the above mentioned features make this TV produce superb image quality, amazing quality sound and ease of use in navigation whether you are you switching inputs or changing something in the Settings. I believe these are pretty important things as we are all looking for these features when buying a new TV. I am also impressed by the aesthetics, i.e. design of this TV: it has a very thin OLED panel that is supported by a pretty hefty stand that gives me a lot of confidence that this TV is very stable (last year model, not so much). Even the back panel looks very clean and has cable management system to make it all tidy. The stand itself with its angled edges does not protrude a lot and functions as a virtual 5.1 surround sound distributor as the speakers are located right above it, and man does this TV sound great! As I mentioned earlier, its WebOS has been improved and is easy to maneuver around, all your Apps, inputs are intelligently organized. To make it even easier to navigate menus, LG gives you their Magic Remote. Its rubbery button layout is nice and has Netflix, Amazon Prime Video devoted buttons to start up your movies. The Mic button activates Google Assistant and with the help of voice commands you can change channels, turn your TV off, check weather - the sky is your limit. And if you like Amazon Alexa, LG will be bringing an update later on to enable the assistant. Also support for Apple AirPlay 2 is coming later this year too. All in all, LG OLED C9 is an outstanding TV with superb PQ, pure blacks, popping colors, excellent off angle viewing, crisp sound and simply an engineering beauty. This review was submitted as a part of LG Insider program.
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    2. 3 weeks ago
      Great Picture but lacks eARC features
      I bought this TV about a month ago. It is by far the best looking TV iv ever owned, the picture is flawless. The only complaint i have is that the eARC feature does not support audio pass-through for all audio types. The TV will pas-through Dolby Atmos, which is great, but it does not allow for uncompressed 5.1 and 7.1 or DTS:X to be passed through. HDMI 2.1 and eARC have the ability to pass all uncompressed and lossless audio formats, but for some reason LG decided to omit all other formats ... read more except for Dolby Atmos.
    3. 1 month ago
      Big, bold and beautiful
      At 77" this screen is really big and REALLY amazing. My previous TV was a 60" Pioneer Kuro plasma and I could never find an LED TV that could replicate its deep blacks and rich contrast. Enter LG OLED. I'm also happy with the Web OS operating system. The built-in speakers are not very good but I can't imagine anyone buying this model without a high-end surround system. Only a few other minor complaints like a universal remote that doesn't have fast-forward/rewind buttons. And the TV has ... read more some issues handling new eARC standard (default HDMI Auto format setting doesn't work with eARC - hopefully LG will fix this in a firmware update). Also, it's virtually impossible to get to the input/output panels if you wall mount the TV. Overall, you expect a truly amazing TV at this price and the 77" OLED C9 delivers.
    1. 1 week ago
      Amazing color
      I saw this OLED TV 2 years in retail stores and have been waiting for price to come down. I finally bought it last month. The color is excellent. It's better than the 65" Sony 4K I bought in the beginning of 2018. It's much better than Samsung QLED. I've bragging it to my friends. The negative is the navigation is not as good as Sony. I deducted 1 star. Something LG has to work on.
    2. 1 week ago
      Great Customization & Picture
      I bought this TV because it was raved as the best of its class and as the true high-end solution without spending a complete fortune. The customization options are insane and awesome and accurate. The HDR effect makes everything look fantastic. Turn power save off for deeper, richer colors and everything looks fantastic - normal HD content, Ultra HD content, nothing I ever had compares to the image of this TV.
    3. 2 days ago
      A think screen of color
      I bought this tv about a month ago to replace a 10 year old plasma tv. The plasma had a good colorful picture that could be viewed from almost any angle. I wanted a tv that would live up to need. This LG is much lighter in weight which made it easier to hang. The LG can also be viewed from just about every angle as well. It has great features, including Alexa controlled. If you are like us though and streaming tv through a Roku player that feature evades a practical use as it cannot change ... read more channels. We love this tv, with the exception of one aspect. We have this tv in a den that has a lot of outside light. During the day and night we have it set to the Expert Bright setting. This seems great for evening and night but is not bright enough to be top notch during the day. I have briefly tried the other settings and it seems that another setting might work reasonlly well during the day but not yet figured out which one. In other words, it is unlike the plasma in that it is not bright in any setting. This seems to be a tv that needs to be adjusted for daylight and dark. If the tv was always in low lightening, it would be a super tv. If we figure out a good setting for daylight that still means that adjustments will have to be done every day. When we get used to that it probably will not be a factor at all. On the really good side, the tv has much more realistic color to me, than a plasma. You really get to see true black and in lower light you seem to get more natural looking scenes without the glaring bright colors. I think I can find a setting for day but I haven't wanted to take the time. If the tv holds up for a long period of time without problems, I would say it is a great tv to purchase.
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