• History

    LG Electronics announced its Environment Proclamation in 1994. Through this the Company not only minimizes the effect on the environment from all our operations, but also to enhance customer value through the development of greener products.


    • Established the Environment Committee


    • Announced the environmental slogan, “Cleaner Environment”


    • Received the ISO14001 certificate


    • Adopted and initiated the LCA
    • Developed Eco Design software ATROiD with Braunschweig University, Germany


    • Monitors receive the Eco Flower, a European Eco-Label


    • Monitors receive the Korean Eco-Label
    • Participated in the Ministry of Commerce, Industry & Energy's LCA development project with microwave ovens


    • TVs receive the Korean Eco Label
    • Refrigerators receive the Eco-flower


    • Opened the Hazardous Substance Analysis Lab
    • Established the company-wide Eco Technology Committee
    • Refrigerators and PDP TVs receive certificate for the Korea Environmental Declaration of Products


    • Developed the Eco Design System
    • Started utilizing waste water and waste heat as energy sources


    • Adopted and operated LGEGP with the partner companies
    • Completed the establishment of a take-back system in EU
    • Established LG Electronics’ Eco Mark standard
    • Mobile phones certified to the Korea Environmental Declaration of Products


    • Received the UL certification for the Hazardous Substance Analysis Lab
    • Developed and adopted light degradable packaging materials
    • Expanded the application of energy saving targets to all domestic facilities
    • Monitors satisfied the EU RoHS Directive


    • Established the Eco Design Committee (former Eco-technology Committee)
    • Established the global energy saving target
    • Developed the Eco Index & established an evaluation system
    • Developed the HSMS (Hazardous Substance Management System)
    • Developed and adopted bio-degradable packaging material
    • Mobile phones received third-party RoHS certification (TüV PS)
    • Air conditioners received third-party RoHS certificate (TüV Rheiland)


    • Developed the LGE Green Program IT system
    • Established the solar cell business unit & solar cell generation system
    • Established the voluntary global take-back system for discarded mobile phones (45 Countries, 392 Drop Sites)
    • Developed and applied the LG customized greenhouse gas emission amount calculation system
    • Established the greenhouse gas Inventory at the Cheongju Plant
    • Developed a heating/cooling system utilizing new recyclable energy
    • Initiated the use of new recyclable energy at LG Electronics' number Changwon Plant 2
    • Adopted the Eco Declaration and disclosed it to the public (Mobile Phone, Air Conditioner, Monitor, TV)
    • Received the Country Eco-management Presidential Award (Air Conditioner)


    • Established the Eco Strategy Team
    • Establish greenhouse gas inventories in 12 domestic facilities & received the third party verification from DNV
    • Established the take-back system in the U.S. (Waste Management Co., Ltd. is entrusted to operate the system)
    • Received the CDP Woorim Award
    • Held the Dubai International Environment Conference
    • Supported partner companies to set up EMS (Environmental Management System) (Part of Korean government project)
    • Projectors received the Korean Eco Label
    • Introduced the solar cell bluetooth hands free kit
    • Received the Korean Carbon Footprint Labeling certification (trial operation) & the Korean LOHAS certification
    • Received the grand prize for Korea's Health Housing in the air conditioner category
    • Pyongtaek Chemical Analysis Lab received formal approval as a PAHs substance analysis lab by Germany’s TüV SUD
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