• The objective of LG Electronics’ green product strategy is to minimize the environmental impact on the whole value chain while enriching lives. The strategy consists of three components; energy, human and resources.

    The strategy is based on a model that takes into consideration high energy efficiency, a reduction in raw material usage, and human welfare.

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    LG Electronics' energy strategy has been divided into two areas of emphasis: substantially enhancing product energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions during the manufacturing process.

    By enhancing energy efficiency, we are working to reduce changes in the climate and provide actual economic benefits to our customers.

    We are trying to do our part as a global company to help protect the environment for future generations by engaging in activities that potentially reduce greenhouse gas emissions during the entire manufacturing process.


    Our resource strategy involves significantly reducing our resource usage and enhancing the recyclability of the resources that we do use.

    This strategy is intended to reduce the amount of new resources that are used by decreasing the size and volume of the product and utilizing recycled materials when possible.

    We are also working to simplify the structure of the product components so that it is easier to recycle once it is discarded. This strategy is part of our efforts to establish sustainable resource usage while increasing the ease of recycling.


    LG Electronics continues to substitute hazardous substances with non-hazardous substances when possible. We have also incorporated technologies that potentially reduce allergens into some of our products.

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