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    Put your go-to favorites front and center when you choose a Door-in-Door? refrigerator from LG! Whether you’re grabbing a cool drink or a quick, healthy snack, the Door-in-Door? fridge feature has the ideal space for your family's busy lifestyle.
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    Average Rating for Door in Door

    1. 1 year ago
      Very Pleased with Refrigerator
      I've had the LG LMXS30796D (30 cu ft STANDARD depth, black stainless) refrigerator for nearly two weeks now. I bought it from an on-line retailer in New York. I live in Calif. It took about 2 weeks for the refrigerator to ship. The refrigerator arrived at my home in pristine condition. And it's been working flawlessly since it arrived. It is SUPER QUIET -- even when the compressor is on. The door-in-door feature allows access to items I use the most --- like milk, water, soda, etc. without ... read more opening up the entire door. The black stainless finish is gorgeous. The refrigerator maintains a consistently constant temperature. I have temperature monitors in both fridge and freezer compartments that send signals to a receiver magnetically mounted to the outside of the fridge. The receiver monitors real-time temperature and records upper and lower temperature boundaries. The temperature read-out on the refrigerator itself is NOT the actual temperature. It is merely a setting or goal. But my temperature monitors indicate the temperature of the freezer and refrigerator compartments are maintained within +/- 5 degrees. Most of the time, the fridge temp is between 38 to 40 degrees and the freezer temp is between -1 and + 1 degrees. (This is at the default temperature setting of 37 degrees for the fridge and 0 degrees for the freezer). The only characteristic I don't like about the fridge is the shelf adjustments are severely limited. It is impossible to arrange the shelves in such a way as to store large bottles in the back of the fridge. Using the "folding shelf", you can store them in the front of the fridge. I actually removed an entire shelf (wrapped it and put it in the closet) so I can store large items towards the back of the fridge. I would advise LG to re-design the inner fridge compartment to allow more slots for the shelves so that large bottles can fit between them or between the floor and a shelf. Other than this one shortcoming, there is nothing else not to like about this refrigerator. I hope it lasts a long time. It's aesthetically beautiful, super quiet, maintains good temperature control, and works great so far. If you are looking to purchase a new refrigerator, I recommend this one. My sister is going to buy the counter depth model (same exact fridge as mine except not as deep == 23 cu ft vs 30 cu ft for Standard depth).
    2. 10 months ago
      This is a beautiful refrigerator and so much storage and features. The only issue I see is that the door in door part doesn't get as cold as the main part of the fridge. So if something is warm you have to put it in the main part to get fully cold then put it in the door so the milk want get warm. I put a thermometer in it and it gets up to 40 degrees while the main part will be 35 degrees until over night. But overall very pleased.
    3. 1 year ago
      More Than A "Pretty Face"
      I bought this refrigerator after dealing with another problematic refrigerator. It was a different brand. I liked the way this one looked and the door in door feature was a plus. So far, I have no complaints. I like that the ice maker is positioned in the door. It gives more room in the refrigerator to put items. I like that it has adjustable shelves. I can arrange tall items with little difficulty. The door in door is GREAT. It is so nice to put things that we use frequently in the bins and not ... read more having to open the whole door. I've shared pictures of my refrigerator with family and they all think it looks really nice. This is my first LG product I have purchase and so far so good.
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    1. 8 months ago
      I LOVE THIS REFRIGERATOR. For years I was waiting for my side by side to die. Finally we could get this frig. I LOVE all the different areas on the doors to store things. The door in door is a must . Shelves slide out for ease of reaching item in the back and we often side back the middle shelf so we can store multiple extra gallons of milk before we use them in the door in door. There is nothing we don't like about this.
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    2. 3 weeks ago
      lots of space!
      I love all the space this fridge offers. Even more I love how I can use the door on the right to open half the fridge to save cold air from escaping and being able to get to my most used items quickly. I was hesitant to get this because the freezer is a draw but there are three sections and it offers lots of ways to split up your food. I am so used to the old fridge with freezer on top and fridge on bottom.
    3. 1 year ago
      Really good product
      I have had my fridge for almost a year and it has been great so far. Lots of room and really cold. I love the fact I can digitally program the temperature right on the door and the water dispenser. I can fill any size container. The only thing I don't like is the door in door. The inner door on the door is always popping open because your elbow or arm or shoulder bumps it just a little it will be open next time you open the whole door. But I had my hubby fill the latch full of silicone sealer ... read more problem solved. Very happy with my purchase.
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    1. 3 weeks ago
      Chilled out over my new fridge!
      I purchased this refrigerator to replace another 10-year old model from a different manufacturer. After a month of ownership, I am quite pleased with its features and performance. My family quickly learned to use the glass door to access frequently used items, which has proven very convenient and a big energy-saver because a much smaller amount of cool air escapes when it is opened. Another energy-saving feature is the ability to knock on the glass to turn on the interior light in order to ... read more see what's inside - no need to open a door at all. We also really like the ice maker in this unit. The smaller cubes are much easier to put into water bottles and cups, and the water and ice both dispense without making a mess every time. I would certainly recommend this fridge to anyone.
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    2. 4 months ago
      great features, cools evenly and quietly
      We bought this LG refrigerator a few months ago, and are loving it. First of all, it's nice looking. The Door in door feature is really convenient. This model has a lot of space. It runs much quieter than the one it replaced, and maintains even temperature throughout. I was initially concerned about the size of the ice container,but it makes fast enough to keep up during parties. Having it in the door also saves a lot of space compared to the ones that have it taking up more space in the ... read more refrigerator. All of our friends that see it, really like it too.
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    3. 1 year ago
      Everything you could ever want!
      Our 16 yo refrigerator suddenly died. We previously replaced our washer, dishwasher and 4K LED TV with LG models and really like all of them. After much research we decided on this LG French Door model. Wow! What a great choice! We love the clear door with-in-a door, the door tap to turn on the light, the quietness, the black stainless, the ice maker that doesn’t take any freezer space, the arrangement of the shelves is so versatile and easy to configure, the three sliding trays in the freezer, ... read more the WiFi connectivity! What’s not to like? We absolutely LOVE everything about this refrigerator!!
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    1. 1 month ago
      Love the double ice maker!
      I am glad we bought this refrigerator. It’s bigger than the one we had. The knock knock door as we call it is a wonderful feature. You can what is in without opening the door. We also added the lg app so we can control the temp and change it if we want.
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    2. 8 months ago
      Top of the line
      I just received this LG refrigerator from Crowdtap the other day and so far I love it. It includes a water and ice dispenser, that includes a filter. It also has a fresh air filter within the fridge. I also love that I can give a little knock on the door and can see what is inside the door with out opening the fridge. It also allows me to open just that portion without opening the door. So I can just grab the ketchup without opening up the whole fridge. The stainless steel looks beautiful in my ... read more kitchen and I love the pull out drawer for the freezer. So far this product seems to be top of the line. There is a lot of room in the fridge to allow for lots of storage if needed.
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    3. 1 week ago
      Love the features within the fridge.
      We are very pleased. The layout of this refrigerators layout is much more user friendly than a side by side. The door in a door is great. Again, great layout of drawers.
    1. 4 years ago
      Absolutely the best...
      I totally recommend this refrigerator. It has everything you could ever want...ease of access, totally easy maintenance and best of all it is so quiet. Do not hesitate getting this refrigerator because you will love it. There is so much room in the freezer you can see everything and get it so easily. The three doors give you easy access and the third door allows you quickly get your most used items without opening the entire refrigerator to find it. Your only problem is you will have so much ... read more room you just might find yourself shopping more because it holds so much more. Your also have a climate control drawer which you can change from produce, deli to meat. If you use just plain rubbing alcohol to wipe your doors down you will be print free, in fact use that on all your stainless steel appliances.Initially I hesitated on the third door but honestly I am so happy I got it as we use it every day.
    2. 4 years ago
      I love my LG appliances.
      We purchased a new LG refrigerator after looking several brands, we liked the features of LG the best. This refrigerator has all of the features you could want, the bottom freezer with the roll out drawer is a wonderful. There is a lot of room inside the fridge and the shelves are also adjustable. I just LOVE it!
    3. 4 years ago
      The Best Refrigerator out there!!!!
      We love our 30 Cu Ft LG refrigerator!! It is the best. It is beautiful, spacious, very light inside and has so much use able space both in the refrigerator and the freezer. It makes ice like crazy! We are so happy with this product. It is so nice to open the refrigerator and be able to see everything right there. We love the Door in Door for quick access to juice butter and milk etc.. The freezer is a dream. I love everything about this refrigerator. It is great just for two or for a whole crowd ... read more when entertaining. Absolutely the best refrigerator we have had by far. WE Love LG!!
    1. 1 year ago
      Really Nice!!
      This fridge was out of stock when we ordered it so it took a month to receive it. But it was well worth the wait. This is the 29.7 cu ft 4 door French door refrigerator in the Black Stainless color. I Absolutely Love the looks, the LED lighting, and the door in a door. I also like the middle drawer that can be used for either additional refrigerator space or as freezer space. It’s very quiet and the water dispenser is very fast and never drips I was somewhat skeptical at first when reading ... read more some of the reviews. Of course, there are always a few negative reviews on any product. I guess the only thing that I would change, is the way the left door closes. It’s obviously a heavier door because of the ice maker. However, when you need to open both doors, the left door will not stay open, and shuts itself rather hard. I would love to know if there is a remedy for this. This is the only reason I gave this fridge 4 stars instead of 5 stars. I would also like there to be another folding shelf to give room for more taller items. But I can manage. We’ve only had it for 1 1/2 months, so all is well so far. (Praying we don’t have to use the 5 yr warranty we bought) We are Well Pleased with our purchase!!
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    2. 1 year ago
      Amazing amount of space!
      I bought my LG refrigerator about two weeks ago after my existing one died unexpectedly. Was a bit stressful to be purchasing “under the gun” but after a few days of looking I honed in on this LG French Door refrigerator not only because of its classy appearance but more so due to its functionality. My previous fridge was a side by side. This model has amazing upper fridge space as well as a great chiller drawer with adjustable, sliding separators. The really cool feature is the Door in ... read more Door...we love this for accessing milk, juice, coffee creamer..all those items you like easy access to without having to open the entire door. Some comments state the ice cubes are small, which is true, but we have not found this to be an issue with 4 family members using it daily. For gatherings with more people just make some ahead of time and store in the huge freezer compartment. This is another great feature with two sliding drawers and another sliding separator in the lower compartment. My only negative is door storage space. I use a fair amount of condiments and I ended up having to put some of them in the main part of the fridge. My old side by side could accommodate all of it. Not a huge issue however. Overall love this refrigerator!
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    3. 8 months ago
      I received this refrigerator as a housewarming gift from my in-laws. They recommended an LG fridge as that’s what they currently have and love. We have had this fridge for a few weeks and we love our LG fridge too. I love the door in door feature, makes it easy and convenient to grab coffee creamer, milk and juice quickly and without opening the entire fridge. The water dispenser makes it easy to fill containers/water bottles of any size! The fridge itself is spacious and beautiful from the outside and inside.
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    1. 2 months ago
      Great upgrade
      We are about 3 weeks in from purchase and I couldn’t be happier. I wen from a side by side to this model and am really happy. The outer door is a great idea- gallon storage is a big plus. Our most used items stay in there and it does cut back the loss of cold air. Freezer drawers are nice as you can see what you have versus digging in a bin. Minor nit - no egg storage, so you need to keep them in their carton. Not a biggie. Ice and water work great.
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    2. 2 years ago
      Stylist multi-feature refrigerator
      I purchased my refrigerator in February 2017 and thus far my wife and I are quite pleased with the many features and style. The Instaview door-in-door is our favorite feature. We also love the modern style and great functionality of this appliance. The only issue we have is that the black stainless steel paint/finish will easily crack and peel if you accidently hit it with a hard object. Just like a new car, I recommend that you provide a touch-up paint kit since the finish is very fragile.
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    3. 4 months ago
      Nice unit. One problem (solved in this review)
      Enough folks have raved about this fridge that I don’t need to do that. Suffice to say I’m impressed. There is one glaring problem: you cannot stand a tall bottle in it. For example, a magnum of champagne. This is an ‘upscale’ fridge, so it should be able to accommodate upscale things like tall bottles. Actually, it can. All you need do is either omit, or modify, the middle shelf/bin of the Instaview door. I chose to remove the shelf and insert a flat piece of ABS plastic across the ... read more supports. This creates a narrower middle shelf (advise taping shut the back door of the instaview to prevent things accidentally falling out), while allowing tall bottles to stand up on the low shelf of the instaview. Perfect for entertaining. See attached image. I’m hoping LG makes an ‘aftermarket’ middle shelf that will accomplish this same thing. Anyway, this easy modification makes a great fridge even better.
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    1. 4 weeks ago
      Great Refrigerator
      I love this refrigerator. I have been a fan of a different brand for years, but I have a new favorite now. I love this LG. The whole family loves the door in door feature. I don't know how we have done without it for so many years. It has plenty of room for everything.
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    2. 4 weeks ago
      I recently purchased the LG Smart Door-in-Door Refrigerator in Matte Black Stainless Steel. It is beautiful and matches so well with the other black appliances I own. It is basically fingerprint free and has a beautiful finish. I love the door-in-door feature, as it helps eliminate how many times we open the main door to the fridge. It is VERY spacious. I love the deli drawer with it's large capacity and also how easy it is to see what you have inside the drawer. The freezer is also SO spacious ... read more and has the upper drawer to maximize what it can hold. There isn't ANYTHING I don't like about this amazing fridge! It is a purchase you won't regret making!
      Sweepstakes entry received for review.
    3. 1 month ago
      Great storage
      We purchase our LG fridge about a month ago to replace a 21 year old fridge a little smaller. I have so much space now! I was concerned going from a two door, bottom freezer, that I would loose door space. Not so, because of the double door on the right. How convenient, I can not imaging being with out it now. It looks great. I recommend this fridge as a great purchase.
      Sweepstakes entry received for review.
    1. 6 months ago
      Well Built!
      We had another beautiful, new refrigerator and exchanged it for this LG. The shelf space is terrific for party platters or large leftovers since the icemaker is in the door. This LG also makes lots of ice quickly. The seal on the doors is solid andmuch better than our previous refrigerator. The motor and ice maker are super quiet; positive if you have an open plan home. The veggie and fruit bins are spacious and hold all our fresh produce. My husband loves the easy access glass door for our ... read more yogurt and drinks. I love the hidden drawer for cheese, etc. It appears to be a well made appliance, the TRUE TEST is if something should go wrong (don't expect it to) will LG customer service measure up.
      Sweepstakes entry received for review.
    2. 4 months ago
      Great fridge with excellent features!
      We bought this new fridge a couple of months ago. The performance is great. The knock door is a cool feature, but what is even better is the door shelving space. The auto door open is very convenient as the doors are a bit heavy to open. Absolutely love the 2 door freezer - so easy to access. Ice cubes and crushed ice is super fresh and always available. A couple of improvements would be to be able to put the shelf on any row and the lights would illuminate. The top shelf in the door is to tall ... read more and is difficult to access.
      Sweepstakes entry received for review.
    3. 4 months ago
      I have never loved owning a refrigator before! While expensive, the features are excellent with a luxurious finish. We particularly like the ability to view the food that certainly is an energy saver and a matter of convenience, the double door freezer, assisted door open, good water filter and removable trays/baskets. Overall a really nice quality refrigrator.
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