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    State-of-the-art LG gaming monitors have cutting edge features like NVIDIA G-SYNC? technology, lightning-fast response times, multiple gamer modes, and stunning color.
    *UL evaluated GtoG response time of LG monitor 38GL950G & 27GL850.
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    Average Rating for Gaming Monitors

    1. 1 month ago
      Excellent Gaming Monitor
      Purchased this monitor two weeks ago specifically for gaming because of the 1440p and 144hz specs. I am very happy with the performance and smooth gaming experience.
    2. 8 months ago
      Great 2K Monitor With HDR
      I bought this monitor over a month ago and I am very happy with the display brightness and color accuracy. This is a HDR 400 rated display but when playing HDR capable games the calibration setting is between 550 to 600 nits. I am using this display with an AMD RX580 video card and I can play all games at 2K settings. The only fault I find is the display setting for most options make the screen too blue but I can easily adjust this in the RX580 settings.
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    1. 2 months ago
      I think the 4K is perfect. Have a qwestion. Can you also play your DVD movies on it? The price for. 4k movies are really expensive.
    2. 3 months ago
      Never disappointed
      I have owned there LG tv's and i must say, I have never been disappointed with this product. Whether high end or low end the quality is always up to par. I recommend this product to anyone and everyone. Like my title says I have never been disappointed why would I be with a product with such quality. Koodoos LG. Especially for a single mom lime me, finding affordable products is right up my all.
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    3. 1 month ago
      This display is gorgeous.
      Simply put, this is a beautiful display. The nano IPS looks more real than reality. I love the connectivity as well.
    1. 2 months ago
      Great color!
      This monitor really is nice. I got it over other 144Hz because of the better colors and yet high refresh rate and low latency. I like the colors, the brightness, the menu, the connector options, and even the curvature (which I didn't know if I'd like). The one part where LG can really improve is the warranty; 1 year is just to little.
    2. 3 weeks ago
      Best 21:9 monitor even though no GSYNC
      I’d been watching the price of this monitor ever since it was released. But a $1199, it was too steep a slope to climb. However, when it was reduced to $799, I HAD to buy it. The picture is beautiful, even without HDR. The Nvidia drivers recognize the monitor as GSYNC COMPATIBLE. And they are so right; no tearing or artifacts or WORSE using my EVGA RTX 2080 Ti FTW3 Ultra Hybrid. I also have no dead pixels. LG has even sent out two firmware changes since I got it. I’m happy to finally ... read more have a 21:9 monitor and I’m doubly happy that the games look so good on it. A must-Buy for widescreen aficionados !!!!!
    3. 3 months ago
      Very nice Ultrawide
      Updated from a 27" gaming enthusiast g-sync monitor to this ultrawide. The monitor sits very nicely on its stand. it doesn't rotate, but the swivel/height adjustments are more than enough. This monitor has been used for general use and performs very well. Gaming with HDR on was quite a difference as the colors "popped". If you've never had an ultrawide, I'd recommend this one, it does have an immersive feel to it. Spec wise, it is g-sync compatible as long as you follow the appropriate setup. ... read more I'm just overall impressed with this very, very nice ultrawide. I did have some issues with a color distortion, where occasionally upon turning on/waking that the screen would go green/purple with a line down the middle. A solution was recommended by LG that resolved the issue for approx ~2wks before a separate discoloration issue occurred. The monitor is currently in for repair. Despite all of this, the monitor is still a very nice monitor. I would still recommend this. I give it 4/5 due to some clouding and minimal flash lighting. If you're on the fence, check this this monitor out!
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    1. 1 year ago
      Loving it so far.
      Admittedly I have no experience with gaming monitors. However I can tell you that this monitor is the best I've ever had. I didn't know how much the high refresh rate made a difference and it definitely does. Having USB connections and the audio output and volume control built into the monitor is awesome as well. Wasn't the monitor I had planned on when I walked into the store but I'm really happy I got it.
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    2. 2 months ago
      Great quality!
      I hot this monitor a month a ago and I love it!! Especially for the price it’s the best deal! I plan on getting another one in another month, for dual monitor setup.
    3. 5 months ago
      thicc boy monitor for thicc boy games. the 240 hz refresh rate makes for smooth gaming
    1. 3 weeks ago
      Awesome Display from LG
      I bought this on amazon and its a beautiful display for a VA panel! 144hz 1440p 32" display needed, LG delivered.
    2. 3 weeks ago
      Works with Nvidia at 144hz.
      Picked this up at Microcenter on sale. Has many if not all the features the higher end ROG monitors do at half the price. Runs flawlessly with Nvidia at 144hz.
    3. 2 weeks ago
      It's big and incredibly beautiful
      I bought this a month ago and I'm so happy that I did. My 24" Dell is a joke against this thing.It weighs a lot less than expected too.
    1. 11 months ago
      This is a great monitor! The color and clarity are great. It was easy to setup, and I would buy it again! Everyone in my office wants one.
    2. 1 year ago
      The picture on this monitor is awesome.
      Costco had this on sale and the resolution was higher than my other monitor. Thought I'd give it a try. I'm glad I did.
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    3. 1 year ago
      Excellent monitor
      This is one of the best monitors I've been in use so far. The view space is so much better than dual-FHD setup, and the text looks super crisp and clear at 125% on Windows.
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    1. 2 years ago
      Great Moniter for gaming
      greatest purchase i've made,besides my pc. I always use it for gaming and it works smoothly and gets me good quality videos and games
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    2. 2 years ago
      Fantastic Ultra-wide for PC Gaming
      I’m a proud PC gamer and I purchased the 34” LG 34UC89G-B for its gaming prowess, IPS panel, Gsync support and 2560x1080 resolution which I prefer for games. I’m very happy with it and was pleasantly surprised at the quality for a very reasonable price. I’ve been using the monitor about a month now. I have it paired with an Nvidia GTX 1080 TI using Gsync in all my games. The IPS panel on this monitor is beautiful, giving me great colors with no noticeable light bleed or dead pixels. As far as ... read more light-bleed goes, LG seems to have nailed it with this IPS panel. Of course, if I set completely black screen I can see a tiny bit of light at the edges but all LCD monitors have this to some extent and many are much worse. In gaming, working, web surfing I never notice any light bleed or discoloration. I have set the monitor refresh rate to 144hz but I use Gsync in games so refresh rate varies depending on framerate which works great and is really smooth down to the high 30’s fps where the Gysnc module stops varying refresh by design. Also, there is no noticeable motion blur when playing games even with Gsync on or at any framerate. I know the monitor may overclock to 160hz but I see no reason to do this so I haven’t tried it. The monitor has a little white joystick on the bottom of the panel for accessing the settings menu and it’s the best joystick/settings combo I’ve used in a monitor. I set the colors to the high 60’s, the brightness/contrast to the mid 50’s and then used Calibrize free utility to help me with a color calibration profile. There are many options in the settings and also gaming oriented settings; however, I just keep the gaming settings such as overdrive, gamma, etc at default as I think the monitor works great as it is but will have to play with them in the future. I really like the 2560x1080 21:9 ultra-wide resolution this monitor offers because it gives me higher frame rates with ultra-quality settings in games as opposed to lower FPS using higher ultra-wide resolutions (which can double the pixel count at the least) and I hope LG continues to support 2560x1080 in gaming monitors. It’s much easier for me to keep FPS in the high 80’s – 130’s in my games which I really like. The 1080p also means I am not as stressed to replace my GPU as often to keep games at High/Ultra details. Also, Dynamic Super resolution; which GeForce experience can set for you, is much easier on the GPU when calculated from this resolution as opposed to a higher native resolution. The ultra-wide gaming experience is awesome and most new titles support the resolution natively with correct aspect FOV; however, older titles may need mods or tweaks to get resolution support and/or correct aspect FOV, google searches will usually find them. However, if an older title is stubborn with ultra-wide support, you can still turn scaling off in Nvidia drivers and play the game in 16:9 with black bars on the side. The curve on this monitor is very comfortable and doesn’t seem exaggerated at all. The response time is very quick and I don’t notice any lag even in high FPS games like Call of Duty or Battlefield. The monitor was easy to assemble (attach the stand & cable guide) and is fairly light-weight for its size and doesn’t generate lots of heat. The bezels on the side are very thin which is a nice touch. The monitor can adjust vertical, swivel, angle and tilt very easily. I did have to provide a longer Display Port cable as the one provided would not reach my PC which is down on the floor to the side of my desk. The monitor is also a great experience for work and web surfing. The higher pixel pitch makes fonts easy to see and colors look great. As a software developer, I like being able to have my Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio in ultra-wide so I can see my code easily and also have other tabs open on the sides. I love this monitor as it is great for gaming, is a curved ultra-wide, supports Gsync, has a high-quality IPS panel and the 2560x1080 resolution is also less stressful on my GPU.
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    3. 4 months ago
      Game Changer
      I will admit that I didn't do a ton of research, but I needed an upgrade from my dual monitor setup. I read some reviews online and found this monitor recommended pretty widely, but the price was high. When I found it on sale for just over $600 I grabbed it and have never looked back. I've heard criticism of the "mere" 2560x1080 resolution, but it looks beautiful. The curve is subtle, but the perfect enhancement for gaming, and pretty necessary for any monitor this wide. It has improved my ... read more workspace and my gaming experience more than I can say. The monitor arrived in perfect condition, and I can't find a dead pixel anywhere (another review nag I'd heard). So mine might not be the deepest review, but if you're coming from a similar scenario, you will NOT regret this purchase. I took for granted how much my screen was inhibiting my experience. It is a bigger improvement than I had anticipated. The G-Sync feature is making a marked improvement even with my 8-year-old rig and upgraded GTX 1060.
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    1. 1 year ago
      Great gaming monitor
      I've purchased many monitors in the past, mostly higher resolution (4k & UW), or FreeSync monitors over high-refresh rates, but I now know what I've been missing when it comes to a "Gaming Monitor". At 144 hz the screen is responsive to every movement of my mouse. This is the best of everything for gaming: Higher resolution than 1080p, higher refresh rates at 144 hz +, and almost 32" of real estate. I can never go back to 24", standard desktop monitors. While tearing wasn't often noticeable ... read more on my past monitors, between using this at 144hz and/or the use of G-Sync with my 1080Ti video card, my experience is clear and refreshing. The menu system is very straight-forward when compared to other brands I've used. The only complaint is that if you sit closer than "arms length" away from the monitor, the edges noticeably dim. You need to sit directly in front/middle of the monitor, at least 30" away to enjoy it completely. Perhaps a slightly curved panel for those who would sit closer is recommended
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    2. 3 weeks ago
      Amazing monitor for gaming just lacks a little.
      I decided to build a pc and always wanted dual monitor set up. As a long time console gamer I've played on a TV and got used to large TVs and the slow response time and refresh rate. Since moving to pc, this monitor provided a good transition between the size, resolution, refresh rate and response time. I was playing on a 50" Samsung and now on his 32, it definitely feels smaller but still feels like a vast amount of screen real estate for pc. At 1440p everything looks gorgeous but as I'm used ... read more to the 4k TV console gaming I can definitely tell a difference however it is still beautiful and I'm willing to sacrifice the small details here and there for the great refresh rate. One thing I was expecting was speakers, there are no speakers. However, it may have been a blessing in disguise since I went with speakers and speakers make it more immersive to although it lacked speakers it'll open up the door for better audio options anyway. The light on the back is just a plus, I keep it on purple and it is beautiful ambient lighting. Overall, it is like a 4.8 and would definitely recommend it to someone who ways a big screen for pc. Finding mounts are very difficult though.
    3. 2 years ago
      Amazing Features
      I received my monitor a few days ago but was finally able to set it up last night. The features and picture quality on the monitor are absolutely amazing. For any style of gamer out there who is looking for a large LCD with 2k quality this is the monitor for you.
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