A stunning viewing experience is yours for the taking with the ultra-rich color and deep contrast that only LG HDR TVs deliver. Lifelike images combine with the most HDR content choices when you choose an LG TV with HDR10 plus Dolby Vision?.
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    Average Rating for HDR TVs

    1. 1 year ago
      Best TV in the world?
      There isnt a better premium television than this out there right now.
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    2. 2 years ago
      Perfection accomplished!
      I don't have the words to describe the perfect images I get when watching movies in this masterpiece. I don't go to the movies anymore. I stay home and look at this piece of technological art.
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    3. 1 year ago
      It looks stunning!
      I’ve never seen such an amazing display before. It is so thin that it looks like a window.
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    1. 1 month ago
      Best TV we’ve ever purchased!
      I went to Best Buy with the intention of purchasing a different brand of TV, after the screen on our Samsung went black. The LG happened to be displayed right next to the TV i had planned to purchase, along with several other brands of TV. The picture quality on the LG was exceptionally better than all the other TVs that were displayed. I was then further impressed with the ease of setting up this TV, and pairing my other devices with it. My wife and I agreed that this is the best TV we’ve ever ... read more purchased in our 56 years of married life! Extremely happy with the LG brand.
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    2. 1 week ago
      WOW TV
      At first,ive chosen 2 type of same tvbut later on when i saw this LG i was amaze for its feature that didnt carry by that 2.I cancelled it right away and check out this LG of mine and no regrets..its a WINNER!! Thanks LG ive made a right move,cheers!
    3. 2 months ago
      Amazing picture!!
      We recently needed a new Tv so after shopping around and checking out different displays, we chose to go with LG. The picture on this TV is absolutely amazing! The clarity is unreal and 4 USB ports have been so convenient. We have teenage boys that bring down their gaming systems frequently when they have friends over. Having the extra ports has been really nice for that reason alone. No more unplugging to plug something in. Having a smart tv is also nice. No need to have something additional ... read more to stream through. Our kids will be needing a new Tv soon in their room and without a doubt, it’ll be a LG!
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    1. 3 months ago
      Nice tv for a very good price
      I've had this TV a couple of weeks and it's been great! It is a big upgrade from my 10+ year old 32 inch LG tv. I especially like the "smart" functions. My only gripe is the tv is not always responsive to the remote. I think this is because there is a small "sweet spot" where the tv can read the remote's signal. I often have to double and triple hit buttons to change channels, volume and turn on/off. I may try getting a taller tv stand and see if that works. However, it's not annoying enough to ... read more make me think about returning it.
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    2. 2 months ago
      Very nice TV for a reasonable price
      I was in the market for a second TV for my bedroom, settle on LG following a visit to a local store where I had an opportunity to view various LG TVs. This particular 50UK6500 was on sale and a perfect fit for my bedroom. The design is very attractive and the ease of which one is able to set things up is a breeze.The picture is not as brilliant as others but for the price I paid for the TV, this is an excellent TV. The audio quality of this TV is superb in my opinion, contrary to most LCDs one ... read more can get by without a sound bar or surround speakers. Best I've seen so far when it comes to audio quality on an LCD.
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    3. 2 months ago
      Great bargain!
      I purchased this tv on sale without seeing it in person. I do have another LG tv that is smaller, but figured if that picture was good the 55" would be equal. After setting it up I was not completely pleased. The picture was not very bright and no matter what I did I could not improve it. After a couple of days I went back through the settings and saw a Power Saver setting which was on. Once I turned it off the picture improved dramatically. I am now a happy customer!
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    1. 5 months ago
      Solid Value with Great Picture
      I purchased this TV for my home office. It sits at the end of my desk so that I can keep up with daily news and related programing while I am working away. The picture on this TV is excellent. I feel that I scored a big win with the purchase of this TV. Oh! the stand works well in my situation as well. Oval base vs legs. The speaker(s) are really good as well. I am very happy with my new LG. I would happily purchse this TV again.
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    2. 2 years ago
      Exactly what I wanted!
      This LGTV was exactly what I was looking for! I was in search of a tv no bigger than 24", 1080p quality, NOT a smart tv, and minimal plugins. This tv is perfect has actually great sound for a smaller tv. If you go into the expert setting you can really get a nice crisp picture that almost looks 4K quality. Comes with some mounting hardware and a remote has a lot of great features as well!
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    3. 4 months ago
      Great little TV for the price. Fabulous picture!
      Just moved. New apartment has a space I created a small office in with big glass windows showing a picturesque view of NYC. Ran a cable line into the room and purchased this little LG TV. Perfect. It sits on a window sill ten feet from my desk chair. I shopped every brand, every model of smaller fat screen TV. This had the most bang for the buck and the price was extra reasonable at Amazon. With free prime delivery, I was in business in no time. Easy install. And the picture is clear, clean and bright.
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    1. 2 months ago
      Great TV with awesome color
      Unboxing this new TV from LG was a breeze. The pictorial instructions were clear and easy to understand. I did a wall installation and had no problem attaching it to a Vesa compliant stand. After starting it up, I went through the setup screens. Those were easy to follow. I had not used a WebOS TV before but did find navigating in it intuitive. I like that it is quick with updating apps. On other TV OS's the process is much slower. I attached it to my surround system and to a game console. I ... read more was pleasantly surprised that it was able to identify they game console and automatically labelled that input as that game console. It has access to over a hundred online TV channels and the menu to search through them is easy. Setting up Netflix, Prime, Plex and Youtube was a breeeze. When playing back videos that have HDR or Dolby, it conveniently displays on the top right that the video you are watching if of that type. The colors on the TV are very sharp as is, of course, the resolution. HDR videos are very sharp and the contrast is very crisp. My other 4k TV is aboutt 3 years old now and this is definitely a step above in terms of color and sharpness of the screen. This is worth the upgrade.
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    2. 3 weeks ago
      Highly recommended to everyone!!
      Very happy with my new LG SM9000 55" TV with the latest and greatest NanoCell technology. The box contains a TV stand in three parts, 8 screws, a plastic cover to conceal cables, a power cable, instruction manuals, LG's Magic Remote, and this beautiful TV! The stand is attractive, and includes some basic cable management that keeps cords hidden - a nice touch. The stand was very easy to assemble. Just 8 screws and a Philips screwdriver. This took about 7 minutes to get the TV securely on the ... read more stand. Picture - vibrant clear and varied in nuances. The backlit qualities of this new technology remove all color bleed, allowing colors to pop out at the viewer in surprising clarity. The accuracy, depth and beauty of the picture is blowing us away. The upscaling is amazing - 1080 HD source material looks almost identical to 4K material. This TV makes watching Blu-ray movies, streaming Netflix and Amazon Prime programs a JOY!! Can’t wait to try out our video games on this fantastic display! Dark colors and blacks are deep. Bright white areas are not washed out, but instead maintain details, holding on to depth of field and subtle colors and textures. It has a wide viewing angle and very little glare. Settings - there are SO MANY available options to the user! The video presets right out of the box are quite useful. Our current favorite setting is ‘Vibrant’ - it’s so fun to watch 4K nature films on this TV with this setting! The PBS ‘Earth’ series looks jaw droopingly incredible! You feel like you’re looking through a window - the picture looks so real! This TV offers plenty of inputs and when setting up the TV for the first time, it walks you through the set-up process in the most user-friendly way I’ve ever experienced – and it worked like a charm – it took us very little time to connect our cable box, Blu-ray player and receiver up to the TV and to have it recognize the different devices, AND setup the remote to control them! Sound – This LG has the best sound on a TV that I’ve heard. It has a nice range, a good amount of bass and high-end, plus useful EQ settings right out of the box such as, ‘Cinema’, ‘Games’, and ‘Music’. LG Magic Remote is very unique. It allows you to ‘point and click’ with a curser that moves on the screen as you move your remote. It’s so easy to use! Also, The Magic Remote can ‘listen’ to your commands and your TV will answer! We LOVE this new TV!! I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.
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    3. 3 weeks ago
      I've never had a better TV
      The LG Nano 9 Series 9000PUA 55 Television is fantastic! It has a crisp, clear, 4K quality picture, sound that seems like it comes from an attached soundbar, and so many smart features, I'm still learning them. From right out of the box, this TV impresses. Light, thin, and super easy to turn on, and set-up. I've never had a remote that works as a pointer nor one that I can use my voice, to have Google search for me. The remote also does all the work itself to become a universal remote for ... read more your set-top box or anything else connected. Infact, when watching YouTube, you can use the remote to voice search, rather than use the on-screen keyboard. That's a fantastic feature, and saves plenty of time. LG has it's own apps and channels, but you can easily hook right up to any of your other streaming services you may subscribe to. We watch a lot of Netflix and DVR shows. Netflix, streaking at 4K is fantastic! Even older shows are upscaled on this TV, and quality is even better. If you watch DVD's, the quality also appears to be as good as a Blu-Ray, when watching it on this television. The preset selection of sound choices, and display choices were great. I didn't have to fool around too much to find one that fit my preference. However, you have a lot of control, if you really do want to tweak any of the settings. I would highly recommend this TV to anyone. Please note, I received this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.
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    1. 4 months ago
      A great TV for a smaller room or area.
      Bought the TV for bedroom and to watch while on treadmill. I am satisfied customer. It is right size, good sound and picture. Since my treadmill is near a double window I am still learning how to deal with brightness issues for the TV image. Don't feel this is a major issue just need to become more familiar with the TV configuration controls.
    2. 4 weeks ago
      Great TV!
      I purchased this as a replacement for a TV in our bedroom. Great picture and sound!
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    3. 6 months ago
      Great TV !
      This TV was a Christmas gift from our daughter who felt we needed to upgrade. Grateful for the gift, and the huge difference we see between this TV and our old set. Clear vivid picture and was easy to navigate. Once our other set dies, we know what will be purchasing another LG to replace it!
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    1. 7 months ago
      I love LG products. The LG tv we had before we purchased the new one was about 15 years old. It was one of the first flat screen LCD tvs that came out. Never had any problems with it and it was on almost 24/7. So when it finally gave out I didn't even look at other brands. Just went and purchased another LG and I am very happy with it. Thank You LG!
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    2. 2 weeks ago
      I love my LG TV.
      I bought my LG TV 3 weeks ago. And I'm in love with it.
    3. 2 months ago
      Quality conception & completion of HDR Smart
      Waiting for the right time to enter the LG HDR Smart market thirty days ago we found ourselves in (3) three different local stores one afternoon. After viewing prices, features and details of the numerous TV's, we determined that the "store representatives" opinion and observation of sales/feedback was very important. We have purchased the 49inch LG HDR Smart full HD TV. Doing our research and analyzing the competition on product/price got us the right purchase. We are very please with ... read more picture, sound and features. Great buy ....great price.
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    1. 2 months ago
      Amazingly Beautiful is the LG 75" Nano 9 Series TV
      I can't believe how beautiful, and amazing this 2019-75" Nano 9 Series Smart LED 4K Ultra HD NanoCell TV is! The LG TV constantly provides a beautiful picture , with amazing, sharp colors. The quality if the picture unreal, that watching movies has never been so great. Not to mention the sound, this TV comes with Dolby Atmos audio speakers, which just adds so much more when you are watching a movie. And if wasn't enough you also get a motion-sensing Magic Remote with built-in microphone for ... read more voice control! Wow, LG has outdone themselves with the LG NanoCell AI Thin Q TV's!
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    2. 2 weeks ago
      Great TV
      This LG 75” Nanocell TV (75SM9070PUA) is awesome. We bought a 65” TV from another brand about 2 months prior to this LG TV. We were impressed with picture quality, color, contrast, and features of that 65” TV but this LG TV is a far superior set. The picture is sharper, colors are more vivid, view angle is better. The black level is way better. You can see more details when watching dark scenes. We really like the pointer function of the LG Remote control. It takes a little time to get ... read more used to the movement but once you master it, using the pointer to select random options or keyboard’s letters is much better than using the directional keys. The integrated Alexa or Google assistant features are nice features. Connecting and activing these features were not as smooth. It took me many tries to finally get them to register and recognize in Alexa and Google Home. However, I don’t use these voice command features much. I feel that there is too much delay for the system to complete the command. The built-in speakers produces good sound. It has option simulate Dolby Atmos but obviously the sound quality of the built-in speakers can’t compare to an audio system or great quality sound bar. I have this LG TV connected to a high end LG sound bar model SL10YG + rear speaker kits and it produces excellent surround sound. Over all we couldn’t be more satisfy with this TV. Has full array local dimming, HDMI 2.1, upscale works great. The price is a little high but it’s worth it if one has the budget for it. I was chosen to receive this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest opinion.
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    3. 2 months ago
      Another Amazing TV from LG
      The unboxing of the TV requires at least two people. I had three, which made it easier. Two people held the TV while the third one connected the base. Unfortunately, I found the recommended unboxing instructions in the bottom of the box, after I had already removed the TV. I do recommend putting the base together before attaching and have the screws ready. The magic remote is magic. Everything I plugged into the TV can now be controlled with the remote, no programming required. I used the EARC ... read more plug for my LG soundbar and ran my LG 4K Blu Ray player through the input on my soundbar as well. My streaming box is plugged directly into my TV and I can use the magic remote to control my streaming box. LG has taken away all the annoyance of trying to program a remote, and I’m not mad about it. The TV sports a 120hz (240hz with processor support) refresh rate panel that is backed up by HDMI 2.1 support. The HDMI 2.1 support is necessary to support refresh rates over 60hz in 4K. With those specs this TV is set for the future. The color and HDR are amazing. I have another LG 4K TV that is from several years ago, and it can’t compare. This TV supports all the main HDR standards (Dolby vision, HDR 10 and HDR 10+), which if you don’t know what HDR is, it’s a really advanced way of making different areas of your screen bright or dim based on what is on the display, a huge improvement over old school side and backlit panels that have the same constant brightness everywhere. You mix that with a super clear image and high color accuracy, for a top of the line TV.
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    1. 1 month ago
      Amazing Picture and ease of access to all features
      I have had a plasma TV for over 12 years that has been trouble free with an amazing picture that is still better than most modern LCD LED TV's - until now! The picture presented by the 65" OLED is the best I have ever seen and makes watching TV like a brand new experience. The IQ remote just adds more ease of use and pleasure to the whole experience. As a result, I went out a purchased an LG HDR BluRay Disc player, and that takes it to an even higher level of enjoyment.
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    2. 3 weeks ago
      Far superior to everything else on the market
      I spent months researching 4K TVs. After extensive reading as well as viewing multiple options in stores, I finally decided to go with the LG C8 (65 inches). This TV is absolutely amazing. Pure blacks, intense contrast, definitely bright enough for well lit rooms if needed. The sound is very good for a flat screen TV. Multiple options for adjustments are available, and the WebOS interface is clean, easy to use, and has lots of apps available. These apps work perfectly (Netflix, Amazon Prime, ... read more Hulu, etc). Last, the magic remote is very handy. All in all, I couldn't be happier with my purchase!
    3. 3 weeks ago
      Beautiful in HDR and Dolby Vision
      I just bought the LG C8 55" TV and I am still shocked at how good this TV is, even in a brighter room. This is definitely the best TV I have ever had, compared to a 2016 LG SUHD 8500...and a Toshiba 4k TV from 2013. It is incredible how thin the top half of the display is.
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