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    Whether for work or for play, an LG gram laptop lets you do it all! Our lightweight notebooks are slim, sleek and nimble, yet durable—without sacrificing on powerful performance and innovative features.
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    1. 2 years ago
      Improvement suggestions
      Make please the following winning configuration: Intel Core i7 16GB 512GB or 1TB SSD ANTI GLARE 15.6" FULL HD or 4K UHD Screen Lower Price P.S. Touch screen is useless for laptop in most cases and glare surface is not so comfortable for eyes. Thank you
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    2. 10 months ago
      Light weight, quiet, nice machine, a bit pricey.
      Needed a portable workstation, after research, decided on the 2018 gram. Wanted stability, good battery life, four or six core processor, virtualization support. Pros - Runs cool (14 watt thermal envelope, chip isn't going to work as hard as in some other machines, but then won't be constantly thermal throttling), 16 Gig ram expandable to 24, compact form, lightweight, strong case, Thunderbolt usb-c port, large storage capacity. Cons - SATA SSD's (slower transfer speeds), no option for a ... read more spinning drive (can't really securely erase an SSD), no option for a six core Coffee Lake processor (four core Kaby Lake R here), touchscreen is reflective and the brightness is marginal, non Thunderbolt usb ports are only 3.0, speakers are poorly placed underneath, OS is Windows 10 Home only with no option for pre installed Windows 10 Professional, or other OSes, warranty is minimal. Also, LG has a history recently of defective motherboards in its smaller devices. I have three phones right now with bad boards, two had the boards replaced under warranty, only to go out again shortly after the warranty on the replacement boards ran out. The last one I didn't have an extended warranty on. For this LG gram laptop, I bought a three year comprehensive warrantee. I also back up the system regularly. I like the size and weight, and the thing runs well enough as a workstation. LG has a nice thing going with the form factor and battery life, but the price is a little high, when you really look into what this really is.
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    3. 1 year ago
      Fantastic thin and light
      Great laptop. It is extremely light and has the battery power to last well beyond other laptops. That it can be charged via its USB C port with a USB C cable is also a wonderful feature. The only real negative that I have experienced so far is that every now and then the display either momentarily black screens or freezes. The black screens aren't too bad as they only last for a second or so. The screen freezing though is a bit annoying as only putting the computer into sleep via the power ... read more button and then waking it up seems to reliably fix it (although sometimes opening the task manager also works but not always). That being said, this happens quite infrequently and I am hoping a future display driver update will prevent this from happening.
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    1. 6 months ago
      Amazing Product!
      I admit, once I love a brand, I'm all in. The Gram is my fourth LG product. And, true to form, it is a shockingly good machine. It is featherweight, fast, beautiful graphics, great sound (even from the built-in speakers), and quiet. I opted for the i5 14", as I really wanted the white body. I agonized for a while over the price, but having the computer now, I have zero regrets. Thanks LG!
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    2. 9 months ago
      Best laptop your money can buy!
      I have owned the LG (WHITE) 14" laptop for more than 6 months and having owned EVERY laptop there is to buy I can safely say this is by far and away the best laptop I have ever owned. I was concerned initially about buying an 'all white' laptop and that it would get dirty too fast. Not this laptop. It's stayed shockingly clean, clear of fingerprints and even handled me spilling wine on the keyboards. It wiped off no problem. Also, I have dropped this on both concrete at a coffee shop and on my ... read more hardwood floors. It didn't even make a dent. Seriously. Performance is awesome it can handle everything I throw at it from Adobe Photoshop to hardcore coding. The i5 version I have doesn't have discrete graphics so it's not handling high-end gaming but can do everything else. Even video editing very well. Also, did I talk about how light this is? I was looking for a laptop for travel and this couldn't be any better. If you are looking for a laptop for business applications, handling coding, CAD, video, and all around work loads. THIS IS AN IDEAL MACHINE!!! Best computer I have ever owned and I own a computer company LiquidCool Solutions.
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    3. 7 months ago
      excellent battery
      the battery lasts all day and more, great workmanship, fast. I love it
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    1. 4 weeks ago
      Slim and light weight
      Compared to my old laptop, this one is so much lighter and slim. It is thinner than an actual notebook that I carry. The price was good since I bought it on Amazon Prime day. Setup was easy and everything seems good so far.
    2. 1 month ago
      Great product for the price.
      Purchased following the rating it was given in Consumer Reports.
    3. 11 months ago
      Long battery life, portable, light.
      I bought it for its portability as I am a college student. It has provent to be a great ultrabook with the ability to run all the programs I need for my classes.
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    1. 1 month ago
      The best notebook/laptop computer on the market!
      I have been in the market for a new notebook computer for awhile. When I read the first industry reviews on the LG Gram 17 I was genuinely excited! I cannot express how thrilled I am with my new LG Gram 17. The display is sharp and vibrant and as reported provides more of the image to be seen versus the more normal 16:9 displays. The lightweight aspect of the Gram 17 is astounding! I am generally pleased with its battery life as it can go hours without needing a charge (I have implemented ... read more the recommended charging routine of capping the charge at 80% to lengthen battery life so I do not charge it to 100% ... and it still lasts for hours at 80%)! The connectivity options are fantastic. I love the fingerprint log in feature. Keyboard is responsive with minimal effort at typing. Storage is ample with its standard 500GB solid state drive, although i wish it came with a 1 TB SDD or the option of adding an additional SDD. I did have to purchase an external LG DVD device as the notebook does not come with one already installed. All-in-all the absolute best notebook on the market today and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a state-of-the-art notebook!
    2. 4 months ago
      Fantastic 17" screen in 15" case
      I bought 17" Gram on Amazon.com and imported it to Canada. Unfortunately this laptop is not available here. Very light, long battery life and fantastic screen. Very good and responsive keyboard. The 512Gb SSD (Sata) is fine for most of the usual Windows tasks. I have swapped it for 1TB 970 Evo and it greatly improved the performance of the laptop. The only problem I have is that I am unable to use both NVME SSD and Sata SSD at the same time. Good job LG. Update BIOS please to allow for the ... read more NVME and Sata drive to be used at the same time.
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    3. 6 months ago
      Champion for Coding
      For coding on a laptop you want these properties: 1. Screen real estate 2. Great keyboard 3. Battery life 4. At least 4 cores (for compiling) 5. Fast SSD (again - compiling) 6. Lots of storage space This laptop seems made for programmers with the one unfortunate downside of having a small and slow SSD. After installing my Linux dual boot, downloading my IDEs, the Android emulator, Docker and a few dozen images - I'm already full. This thing needs a 2TB SSD option, then it will ... read more unequivocally be the best laptop for coding IMO.
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    1. 3 months ago
      So far, so good!
      It’s early days and i’m still learning Windows 10, but I love the speed of my Gram and it’s light weight. I’m excited to experiment the photo and video options!
    2. 8 months ago
      So Far, excellent
      So Far, excellent, but I have only had it less than one month.
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    3. 9 months ago
      Very good laptop
      Lightweight laptop with very good battery life. I'll be rating 5 stars if there is Gorilla Glass protection for touchscreen model and additional usb c for charging battery.
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    1. 11 months ago
      Great Laptop!
      Super light and long lasting battery life! I love this laptop!
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    2. 3 months ago
      It is the best laptop I ever owned in my lifetime. The hardware made of excellent material and finish. I'm only planning to upgrade the Ram with additional 16mb and SSD of 500Gb. Everything else is perfect.
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    3. 8 months ago
      Super lightweight and easy to use
      I bought this for school and it has been great. It is easy to use and light for transport
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    1. 1 year ago
      Consumer’s Reports Helps
      I found the information in Consumer Reports to be very helpful while shopping for a new laptop. High Performance, Good Battery Life and overall weight and a HDMI port were my requirements. I couldn’t be happier with my purchase.
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    2. 2 years ago
      I really want a SD card slot!!!
      Its really a fantastic laptop, if LG can change the micro sd card slot to the standard SD card slot, this laptop would be perfect.
    3. 1 year ago
      Now I can take my laptop everywhere!
      The last couple of laptops I bought were Macbooks but this time around when I needed to upgrade I thought about what I wanted in a laptop and there was not a Macbook that met my needs. My requirements were: 1) Light, as close to two pounds as possible. I travel quite a bit and did not take my Macbook pro with me because of the weight. I would use my ipad, but I really needed a real computer. 2) Must charge with USB C. I would like to be able to use the same charger for my phone and ... read more laptop. 3) Touchscreen 4) Must have either a fingerprint sensor or facial recognition to log in, I am so over typing my password all the time 5) Good battery life, because finding a power plug at the airport (especially during a delay) can be a pain. 6) Not requirements but would be nice – at least one USB A port and a quiet fan or no fan at all After doing lots of research the LG gram was the computer that best met my requirements. So far, I am loving it! I mostly use it for productivity tasks, lots of Excel, PowerPoint, Word, email ,browsing and a ridiculous amount of chrome tabs. My Macbook is still around because I have not finished transferring all of the files yet and I must say I have not picked it up for use since I got the gram. I thought moving from Apple would be hard but so far so good. And while this machine is not the cheapest windows machine it is cheaper than the Macbook I would have purchased. Now what can be improved: The screen is very glossy. I wish this model was available with more than 8gb of ram, but I was able to upgrade to 16gb easily because there is an empty slot. I wish the charging port and the USB C port were on opposite sides so I could pick what size I want to charge on. The speakers are just so so. I have found they are loud enough for me most of the time when working on a table but since the speakers face down if I have it on my lap the sound can get muffled. While I said I don’t miss using my Macbook there is one thing I miss about it. There are tons of cases, skins and sleeves that are designed for every apple product. I only found one company that make skins for the gram. Overall I love my new laptop! If portability and battery life are top on your list the gram is worth checking out.
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    1. 8 months ago
      documentation & specifications need details
      Nice, quiet & lightweight. Please have the executives, product manager, technical writers, & web developers coordinate to correct and expand the documentation details. For example, an outstanding feature is that this laptop has not one, but two M.2 slots. The existance of these "dual M.2 slots" are omitted in the specifications and basically stumbled over in the description. Another blaring omission is the type of M.2 slots and particularly the type of memory that should be used. Does ... read more it support NVMe? Similarly, there is sparse information regarding cpu memory upgrades. How much is soldered to the motherboard? How much is in the single socket? Presuming, 4MB soldered, what is the maximum memory that can be added to the single socket? Can one add 16MB for a total of 20MB? If 16MB is the total max, can one add 16MB to achieve the 16MB max limit (leaving 4MB unused), since a 12MB memory module is rare if non-existent. Will you send me new rubber feet as those are no longer sticky after pulling them off to access the upgrades? Thx for the details!
    2. 11 months ago
      Long battery life, very light, durable enough
      Purchased end of August, been using for 3 weeks+ daily for university work. I do RTL design, simulation, and synthesis. This computer is light enough to hold constantly as I run labs in the class I am teaching assistant for, but still powerful enough to synthesize to FPGA hardware in a reasonable amount of time. Screen is solid, trackpad tracks well but it can be difficult to tell if clicks are received or not. Battery life is definitely the highlight of this product, easily 10+ hours per charge ... read more and can plug in for ~30 min for an extra few more hours.
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    3. 11 months ago
      Exceeds Expectations
      My new LG Gram is so lightweight! That makes it much more versatile, because the 13” size allows me to use the laptop sometimes in a similar manner than my iPad, yet the Gram has more functionality. The battery holds its charge well and still has juice by the end of a long day. I’m really pleased with this purchase and I can see why the Gram was top rated by Consumer Reports.
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