• LG ThinQ

    Want a refrigerator that will
    recommend recipes, create shopping
    lists and play music for your meal?
    ThinQ can.

    The products & services featured on this website may not currently be available in the market and may vary in design, features, and other specifications from the actual product at the time of launch.

    • See what’s in your fridge
    • Get recipe ideas
    • Order What You need,
      when you need it
    • Save energy effortlessly
    Experience a refrigerator with the LG SmartThinQ? app,
    which lets you create and share shopping lists between your smartphone and refrigerator,
    or check on the contents of your refrigerator, anytime, anywhere. This is LG ThinQ.
    • "Ready for a great dinner?
      What would you like to make?"
    • "Ready to eat?
      Here’s a playlist that goes well with a good meal."
    • "I’ve switched to Energy Saving Mode."
    • "It looks like the milk
      in the fridge expires today."

    LG InstaView ThinQ refrigerator shown is scheduled for release in Q3 2018.

    With an extensive lineup of smart and AI appliances that work together seamlessly,
    LG ThinQ can make your life easier. Thanks to an open platform and even more innovative products being developed
    for the future, LG ThinQ can give you total control to make your life better, in everything you do.

      Control key features with just your voice

      Get recommendations for specialty cycles

      Get alerts when you’re running low on detergent

      Control key features using voice commands

      Recognizes if objects or people are in its path

      Knows where to clean thanks to space recognition
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