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    Cut your cooking time in half or just heat your go-to snack in a flash. LG microwave ovens feature clean lines and the latest technology for the ultimate in style and convenience.
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    Average Rating for Microwave Ovens

    1. 4 weeks ago
      I have always bought LG products because they work well. This microwave does the job quickly and efficiently. The 3 speed fan is terrific. The only thing that can be improved on is a brighter bulb.
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    2. 3 weeks ago
      Love it!
      I bought this a few weeks ago and I’ve been very impressed with it’s different functions. What sticks out most to me is that it feels so secure when you open and close it. It was very easy to install and changing the direction of the blower was simple. We bought a new LG refrigerator two weeks later, so we now have a complete LG kitchen (dishwasher, oven, microwave, refrigerator. We’re LG all the way
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    3. 11 months ago
      Nice microwave!
      Love the sleek look of the black stainless microwave. The features are a little quirky, though. The timer only beeps one time; there is no reminder beep for timer or when cook time ends; the defrost function is difficult to use; if you are a little on the short side, you cannot see inside the microwave while something is cooking at all; the light inside the microwave is very dim and of little use! However, the microwave cooks evenly and is super easy to wipe clean. Even with all the negatives, I ... read more am happy with the purchase.
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    1. 1 month ago
      Well-engineered Venting System!
      This LG microwave model replaced a "builder-quality" Whirlpool model that had a defective venting system. The LG microwave's vent extender and drop-down rear vents look professional and is a 1000% improvement over the prior system. Definitiely a winner!
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    2. 4 months ago
      My old microwave died on us and we needed a new one ASAP. LG got us a new one in less then a week. We love the unit especially the look. It is very easy to use in comparison to others we have had in the past. I use to recipe cook for Panasonic Microwave for years so I am familiar with them.This by far is the best I have had the pleasure to use. We are considering your new see thru french door refrigerator.
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    3. 3 months ago
      LOVE my LG Microwave
      As a result of a kitchen fire, we purchased new appliances from LG, stove and microwave. I did so much research looking for the best ones to buy. Having LG appliances for 13 years, a refrigerator and washer and dryer set, I decided to trust them yet again. I'm so happy I did! We love our new LG stove and microwave. I really love the reheat features on it and I have been trying them all. Pastries come out crispy, not soggy as I experienced in the past with other microwaves.
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    1. 8 years ago
      Overall Solid Microwave
      This microwave came with the house I just bought a few months ago. As I stated in the title it is a solid microwave. I use it mainly to re-heat meals or make popcorn. Pros: 1. Multitasking - You can set the timer and still heat up something at the same time. If I am doing a large amount of cooking and need two timers (the oven and microwave), it is nice that I can heat something up in the microwave without having to cancel the timer. 2. Light: Nice bright light both inside and out. 3. Reheating ... read more - Food seems to be reheated evenly. Cons- 1. Popcorn button - this has never seemed to have worked properly no matter what kind of microwave. My popcorn burns using this button. I have tried it several times and just don't use it. 2. The low setting for the exhaust is still pretty loud. Hard to have a conversation in the kitchen, but the exhaust does a good job. 3. Placement of the start and stop buttons in my mind need to be switched. I am always hitting the stop instead of the start which is a bit annoying. Most people are cooking something for an even amount of minutes (no seconds) i.e. 1:00. When I put in 1:00, I instinctively want to hit the button right next to it (which is the stop). I guess because I am used to going left to right and up to down. So to go back up to hit the start button has taken some getting used to. But after some time, I got used to it.
    2. 7 years ago
      This microwave does everything. I purchased it to match my new LG range. The venting is powerful, the convection really does brown, the microwave is powerful and it is very easy to understand. I am very glad I purchased a LG product.
    3. 4 years ago
      Cooking options
      Haven't used the microwave yet, waiting to finish our remodeled kitchen. I did read the booklet & it has a lot of nice features & two ways to cook. I like the idea of using it as a convention oven with metal pans. It's not just any microwave that you can use metal in. The microwave looks good with the other appliances & this gives me more oven cooking space which sometimes I need.
    1. 3 years ago
      Good Microwave
      I've had this microwave for about a month and use it mainly for reheating. So far, so good. No complaints. I don't understand other reviews complaining about not being able to see the key pad without the help of a flashlight. Mine is in a spot where there is not much lighting and I can see the keypad with no problem, although printing in white would be nice. As for noise, a lot of reviewers complained of extreme noise levels. I don't see my microwave as being any more noisy that my old ... read more one. No problem with the door latch. Only criticism I would have is that the interior lighting is a bid dim. I will be back if my assessment changes.
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    2. 2 years ago
      Good Quality for Everyday Cooking
      I bought this microwave a few months ago and have been using it daily since. I typically microwave oatmeal, leftovers, and potatoes. It cooks pretty well and doesn't take long to heat things up at all. Some features I really like include the ability to turn the clock display off, the ease of cleaning the inside of the microwave, and how sleek it looks. It also takes up less space on my counter than my previous microwave with just as much capacity. The only drawback I have found so far is that ... read more especially with leftovers or bigger plates, the heat does not distribute evenly and the center of the plate will cook much more than the sides. I notice this the most when microwaving nachos, as the cheese in the middle will cook before the cheese on the outside has even melted. Otherwise, this is a great microwave, and it's not a big deal to me to have to take things out and stir them occasionally.
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    3. 3 years ago
      Great Features
      One of the few compact microwave ovens with an interior Light. Very efficient power usage, quick even cooking. The 12" turntable & 1.1 cubic feet interior volume are each the largest for this class, while the exterior dimensions are the smallest. I have only two concerns: The surface touch control screen is unlighted, and the numeral/buttons are "shadowy" and that makes it difficult to read, particularly in a darkened room. The oven is susceptible to loud vibrations, particularly when using ... read more low power (pulse) settings.
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    1. 3 months ago
      Great value and works great
      We bought this a month ago to replace our Whirlpool that died 2 years and 1 month of use (1 month after the warranty expires). So far this microwave has been great. It has great features. The only issue we have is it is really loud. But overall this is a great microwave. Hopefully we can get many years out of it.
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    2. 3 weeks ago
      Love my LG Microwave
      Adding a new LG over-stove microwave was a no brainer when we remodeled a 1940 house. The kitchen is simple in design and stainless LG microwave looks super. I love this product, I only wish it had a timer - it only cooks with a timer, no individual timer.
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    3. 4 months ago
      Puts Samsung to shame!
      I previously bought a Samsung microwave becuase I was on a budget. I have lg appliances in my other property and should have spent the extra money. Samsung microwave blew up 9 months later while the lg at my other property is 10 years old and going strong. This microwave works awesome and is quiet so I can use it when others are sleeping. Go with lg you won’t be sorry.
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    1. 4 weeks ago
      love the easy clean feature
      I like the ease of cleaning the inside and the dark interior, Would like a timer on it though. Also need better instructions on how it is set for factory vent. Had to reinstall because missed tiny print that says vented to front and not out the back so was very noisy.
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    2. 3 weeks ago
      Good microwave
      We have enjoyed using our new microwave. Good machine, good price.
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    3. 1 month ago
      Great features Great Price
      I bought this a little over a month ago. Very happy with it. Only one thing missing. I wish it had a timer feature
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    1. 3 months ago
      Awesome product!
      My wife and I remodeled the kitchen and the LG microwave was the way to go! The controls are easy to use. Cooks the food evenly and completely. An all around great product. If you need a microwave, the LG is the way to go!!
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    2. 2 years ago
      I bought this to replace my old microwave that had a cracked in the door. It was plastic and just couldn't stand up to the heat and steam generated by my pressure canning activities. I expect my new stainless steel to do better. I don't cook with my microwave, but this one has a few features that I love. The 1 button for 30 seconds. Perfect for warming a half cup of coffee or hit it several times for a whole plate of food. I enjoy the melt/soften feature as well for butter or cream cheese. ... read more This thing will do so much more than I'll ever need. It's beautiful for a microwave... and was priced right. It was so much easier than my old one to install. It had to be 50 lbs lighter! Gotta love new technology.
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    3. 5 years ago
      First choice microwave
      We purchased this microwave as part of an appliance upgrade simply to have matching appliances, were we surprised. We were happy with our old microwave but this unit is simply way superior, even to reheating pizza, its in a class of its own. We make a lot of use of a microwave, cooking vegetables, oatmeal and sauces virtually every day - this product excelled in every way. Our greatest satisfaction is with the vent fan, its a lot quieter than its predecessor and way more efficient but make sure ... read more you get your installer to vent to the outside atmosphere, a kitchen with no smells is possible with this unit.
    1. 2 weeks ago
      Beyond Delighted
      I purchased the LG Smart Inverter Magnetron Microwave a month ago. WOW! Not only was I impressed with the 10 yr warranty but the design and the ceramic curved interior blew me away. This is a microwave! I will continue to trust this Brand for all future purchases.
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    2. 6 days ago
      Great Microwave
      We recently purchased our LG Microwave to replace a defective microwave that was furnished with our new home. The LG Microwave has performed perfectly and has many features that our previous microwave did not. We especially appreciate the great warranty that the magnetron unit has on it, 10 years. Our previous microwave had only a 1 year warranty on its magnetron, which was the cause of the unit’s failure.
    3. 3 months ago
      I LOVE this Microwave
      This is my second LG microwave as my first one which went kaput after roughly 2 years and I was somewhat hesitant to purchase another LG microwave but I wanted to give LG another shot. I have to say I am so glad I did. Even though my first microwave had all the bells and whistles, this new microwave put the other to shame as the LG LMC2075BD microwave is nothing but superb. I love the ease of use, and something to keep clean with the LG EasyClean. It really is very easy to keep the exterior ... read more clean with just a very, very light damp paper towel. This microwave seems to have more power even though both had the same wattage. I was a little hesitant in getting the Black Stainless Steel but once I got it out of the box, I knew I made the right choice as it is gorgeous. I wanted to wait a while before writing a review. It's been over 6 months and the unit is working as if it was brand new and keeping it clean both inside and out is still a breeze.
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    1. 1 year ago
      LG Microwave
      We bought this microwave 2 weeks ago. It is a nice microwave. But if you need to cook something for 8 or so minutes the carousel dish gets very hot and you need to use a pot holder to remove the carousel plate. We found this out after cooking bacon on it. We did this many, many times with our old microwave and never had that problem. So beware! Your carousel dish may also get very hot with extended cooking.
    2. 7 months ago
      Great microwave easy to install follow instruction on the manual. I recomend to remove the oven range under the microwave to give room for installation. Remember need proper ventilation through the cabinet above the microwave. I like the microwave but the only negative thing is the display and it is kind of small there is nothing showing on the sides only the botton panel control board.
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    3. 4 years ago
      Love this microwave
      I wanted to replace my range hood with a microwave and because the opening was 36" wide I found out that a microwave 36" wide that doesn't stick out too far was hard to come by so I decided to go with this 30" LG because the dimensions were best suited for my application and I loved the way it looked. I ordered generic filler plates and installed this microwave in several hours. Looks wonderful, is large and works great. Microwave seems very solid and range hood fan is very quiet and efficient.
    • 2019-07-09
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