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    Professional photojournalists are using the LG V40 ThinQ to grab shots of the world's biggest stars. What will you capture?

    More Ways to Capture Every Story

    Our revolutionary 5-camera LG V40 ThinQ? gives you the power to capture moments big or small, at different angles and from multiple perspectives.

    One of the best phone of 2018... - 10/3/18 CNET
    It's got some serious camera talent - Gizmodo
    Packed to the brim with special features - Digital Trends
    3-camera icon

    Triple shot

    One Click. Three Pics.

    Easily capture three photos – standard, telephoto zoom, and super wide-angle – with just one click.

    LG V40 ThinQ front
    • Photo of a girl pushing another girl on a skateboard displayed on all three LG V40 ThinQ lenses
    • Photo of a girl pushing another girl on a skateboard displayed on all three LG V40 ThinQ lenses
    • Photo of a girl pushing another girl on a skateboard displayed on all three LG V40 ThinQ lenses
    • Telephoto lens camera icon
      Telephoto Zoom
      12 MP
    • Standard lens camera icon
      12 MP
    • Wide-angle lens camera icon
      Super Wide-Angle
      16 MP
    Learn More
    Dual camera icon

    Dual Front Cameras

    Your Best Selfie

    Shoot standout selfies with a standard front camera or use the 90° wide angle lens to get the full picture.

    • Standard
    • Wide

    Cine Shot

    Control What Moves

    Transform your snapshots into cine shots for living photos that grab and hold attention.

    LG V40 ThinQ front

    Learn More


    Picture Perfect

    AI Cam recognizes what you’re shooting and suggests the best filter, while AI Composition adjusts the position of your subject for artistically balanced photos.

    • AI Cam
    • AI Composition
    LG V40 ThinQ front and back

    Screen images simulated

    Learn More


    So Bright. So Light.

    Lightweight with intense color and perfect blacks, experience award-winning LG OLED technology in the palm of your hand.

    OLED FullVision by LG Display logo


    Aspect Ratio

    Phone icon with diagonal line from corner to corner

    6.4” QHD+


    Feather icon

    5.96 oz


    LG V40 ThinQ front display

    *Actual viewable area is less due to rounded corners and notch.


    Boombox Speaker

    turn up the Bass

    Give your audio experience a boost of loud, room-filling sound with a Boombox Speaker that’s built for bass, producing audio that's louder and more electrifying than ever.*

    • Boombox
    • Quad Dac
    • DTS:X 3D
    • LG V40 ThinQ boombox feature

      *vs. V30 and V35

    • LG V40 ThinQ 32-BIT HI-FI QUAD DAC

      *Wired headphones or speakers required.

    • LG V40 ThinQ DTS surround sound during video of thunderstorm

      *Wired headphones or speakers required.

    Show Your True Colors

    Aurora Black or Moroccan Blue. The choice is yours.*

    Black LG V40 ThinQ smartphone next to a blue LG V40 ThinQ smartphone

    *Colors vary by carrier

    Android icon and Qualcomm Snapdragon icon
    google assistant

    Use your voice to get more done—whether at home or on the go—with the Google Assistant on your LG V40 ThinQ?.

    Google Assistant displaying Hi, how can I help? word bubble. Google is a trademark of Google, LLC

    LG Second Year Promise logo

    Free Second Year Limited Warranty with Registration.*

    Learn More

    *No deductibles, no premiums, no shipping charges. Terms and conditions apply. Registration required.

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