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    Space-saving and multi-functional, LG over-the-range microwave ovens give you more cooking options -- and more counter space. Whether you want to warm dinner, pop popcorn or cook a healthy meal for your family, our microwaves make it all easy.
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    Average Rating for Over The Range Microwave

    1. 1 year ago
      Sleek and refreshing
      I bought a new over the range microwave out of necessity. We had an original piece in its place and I was already in the process of replacing appliances in our kitchen. The features I liked were that it was stainless steel and was a clean look which was easy to use for my children. While I like the ability to have a split level with a removable rack its not always convenient and can slow down quick meals if we need to run out the door for extracurricular activities.
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    2. 7 months ago
      Great microwave easy to install follow instruction on the manual. I recomend to remove the oven range under the microwave to give room for installation. Remember need proper ventilation through the cabinet above the microwave. I like the microwave but the only negative thing is the display and it is kind of small there is nothing showing on the sides only the botton panel control board.
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    3. 2 years ago
      Good Microwavve
      Love this microwave. It has many options for cooking which I like. It is my first over the range microwave. I am disappointed with the light over the range. It is very low even when it is on "high". Thank goodness I have task lighting nearby otherwise I would struggle to see what I am cooking.
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    1. 4 months ago
      Great Look and Easy to Use
      I purchased this microwave February of 2018 because of the reviews, price and look. It is a sturdy microwave and most of the functions are pretty straightforward. With that being said, if you are not very savvy in using multipurpose, multi-button technology and just want a 1 touch do-it-all microwave, then this is not for you. You will have to read the manual and experiment. My main cons with this microwave are: 1. The base is recessed so that it is a little harder to clean the bottom - No ... read more biggie. 2. The fan started having an issue when I turned it on about a month later. It works, however, it sounds too loud. It was too difficult to remove the microwave and returned it, so I just live with it. My husband keeps promising to look at it - LOL 3. You cannot see the food cooking due to the screen on the door without standing on your toes. It is not real problem as I really do not need to be staring at the microwave Overall, it is a good microwave and I do recommend it to my friends but not my senior ones.
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    2. 11 months ago
      Nice microwave!
      Love the sleek look of the black stainless microwave. The features are a little quirky, though. The timer only beeps one time; there is no reminder beep for timer or when cook time ends; the defrost function is difficult to use; if you are a little on the short side, you cannot see inside the microwave while something is cooking at all; the light inside the microwave is very dim and of little use! However, the microwave cooks evenly and is super easy to wipe clean. Even with all the negatives, I ... read more am happy with the purchase.
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    3. 2 weeks ago
      Works great!!!
      We bought this unit to replace our old one that went out recently!! So far the only complaint I have is the read out of the unit can't be seen from across the room. I'll have to read the manual to see if it can be brighter than it is now!!
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    1. 1 week ago
      Over the range microwave
      I love my new steel stainless microwave, I didn’t think I couldn’t install it by myself! But I did! And I love it!! It’s awesome how much room is in it, and I love that there isn’t a rack!
    2. 1 month ago
      One (1) undesirable feature.
      I just don't understand the reasoning behind a display so dark I have difficulty reading it.
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    3. 1 month ago
      It’s everything me and my family weare very happy
      It’s matches my LG Stovetop it makes all Home appliances complete
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    1. 4 years ago
      Vast improvemnt from our old microwave
      This unit heats everything much faster than the old microwave we had before. Whether that was because of it's age I could not say. The two were rated at about the same power so it is hard to say. The vent fan on the LG works much better than the one that it replaced. Overall we are very pleased with this purchase. We got a heck of a deal on this one because it was brought in for a customer in white and they changed their minds and decided to go with stainless in their new kitchen instead. As of ... read more today I would not hesitate to recommend this microwave is anyone in the market for an over the range style unit.
    2. 4 years ago
      This microwave has unique features
      This microwave has a larger capacity. In addition, the feature I like best is the exhaust fan. Unlike other microwaves, this model includes a special feature whereby the exhaust pops out (i.e. extends) over the front burners of the stove and then can be retracted once you are through cooking.
    3. 2 years ago
      Sleek & Easy to Use
      We bought this microwave to match all of the LG appliances we were purchasing. I really like the Extendavent feature and the lighting above the stove is very bright and nice. The common complaint we noticed when looking at reviews was that the view was blocked and you couldn't see in and watch very easily. This has not bothered us. The outside is very easy to clean and we love the glass keypad. The only thing I do not care for is the dents in the bottom of the microwave inside. I wish it ... read more had a more flush bottom with the turntable making it easier to clean.
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    1. 5 years ago
      First choice microwave
      We purchased this microwave as part of an appliance upgrade simply to have matching appliances, were we surprised. We were happy with our old microwave but this unit is simply way superior, even to reheating pizza, its in a class of its own. We make a lot of use of a microwave, cooking vegetables, oatmeal and sauces virtually every day - this product excelled in every way. Our greatest satisfaction is with the vent fan, its a lot quieter than its predecessor and way more efficient but make sure ... read more you get your installer to vent to the outside atmosphere, a kitchen with no smells is possible with this unit.
    2. 1 year ago
      Fast and efficient!
      First want you to know I already own an LG washer and dryer so I am usually very happy with LG products, and my microwave is no exception! The favorite feature about this microwave is the sensor button which cooks things without me having to know how much time is needed. Love that feature. Plus this is the first over the stove microwave I've ever owned and I am so happy with the purchase. It has freed up a whole other counter space in my kitchen.
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    3. 3 months ago
      Awesome product!
      My wife and I remodeled the kitchen and the LG microwave was the way to go! The controls are easy to use. Cooks the food evenly and completely. An all around great product. If you need a microwave, the LG is the way to go!!
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    1. 5 years ago
      Very Happy
      We have had our microwave about 2 months and have enjoyed it a lot. The microwave has many easy to use settings. And the convection oven works great - we were considering a double oven and now we don't have to. The unit looks the same today as the day we got it!
    2. 4 years ago
      Well this was a surprise...
      Bought all new LG kitchen and laundry appliances due to the excellent reviews in several leading websites and consumer publications. I have yet to regret it! The stainless metal exteriors are a snap to clean, and each device feels solid, well thought out and constructed. The microwave purchase was a bit of an after thought. My old microwave was the only device from my original home purchase that I actually liked. I hated to see it go, but it was a hideous white that would not fit in at all with ... read more the new LG kitchen. So I ordered the largest available at Best Buy simply because the wattage of the LG's was no where near what my old unit was. This unit is rated around 1000 watts where my old one was 1600, so I was concerned about how well it would cook. The thought was quickly vanquished from my mind. After cooking two chickens and some popcorn I could immediately tell that technology has truly advanced from my 13 year old unit! The new features such as a built in convection oven (wow) just kind of spun me around. You can microwave WHILE cooking with convection for crisp AND fast!? I had NO idea this microwave (if you can call it just that) had combined two of my kitchen appliances into one. After using it for some time I can tell you its not quite as good as my toaster over at crisping, but the fact it can thaw, cook, crisp "close" to what my toaster oven does, in HALF the time... its a done deal. Bye toaster oven, hello counter space! Popcorn... my old unit did it great, this one... its just showing off! Throw any size in, the LG detects its size and starts popping. I stand by as it cooks to be sure it doesnt burn, and so far it hasnt. Several different brands (i love my popcorn...) have all come back just right. The only thing I wish was improved... its a small thing, the light bulb on the inside needs to be about twice as bright. I can barely see inside while it cooks. Energy savings all around compared to my old unit, but I will bump the wattage on the interior bulb next time its replaced. (if possible)
    3. 5 years ago
      Great features, and looks amazing!
      I love this microwave convection oven. I wanted a double oven range but did not like the idea of picking up heavy roast etc. on the lower level of the stove. I have baked with the convection oven and it cooked great, so I have two ovens without heating up the kitchen. I would like the light to be brighter,(can not see the food cooking). Very easy control panel and lots of short cuts. Popcorn feature works great.
    1. 1 year ago
      I am very happy with this purchase! The extendavent feature is REALLY NICE! In the past my old microwave hood wasn't far out enough to capture the steam/heat from my range so the microwave front was very hot and that is where the controls were (on the front, bottom) so I had to replace the computer board due to that design. This microwave's extendavent comes out far enough to alleviate that completely. The front of the microwave stays cool, no steam in front at all. Brilliant idea LG! The only ... read more feature I miss is the hood light timer which you can program to turn on/off (night light) but that is a minor issue. I haven't cooked much with this other that a warm up but I have high hopes. The only negative is the inside light. It is way too dim to see anything cooking, especially things that could be bubbling. Because the controls are on the bottom of the front door, you're out of luck looking into the front if you're short. Still, the light inside needs to be a high lumen LED light not a low lumen incandescent light!
    2. 2 years ago
      OTR Microwave with Surprise and Delight Features
      I wandered the display models at the store and kept coming back to this one. It had a number of features that were a must: controls at the bottom of the door rather than up the side [easier for short people to reach]; large internal capacity, built in range hood/vent fan; easy clean; etc. No convection oven capability [bad experience with the last OTR microwave convection oven]! Now for the surprise and delight features: when I looked carefully at the manual I found that the vent hood on ... read more the bottom of the unit can be extended toward the front of the range by a simple push on the face of the panel below the microwave door. It extends the depth of the vent hood from 15 inches to 20 inches and does a more thorough job of capturing and venting the cooking odors and heat outside of the kitchen [way to go LG, it works great]! Reading further I found the microwave will protect itself if the vent fan is not turned on, and the heat from the stove gets too warm by turning on the fan.
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    3. 6 months ago
      Almost great.
      I had this appliance for roughly five weeks now. Installed it myself with a helper to lift. No problems with installation other than the totally unnecessary protrusion on the left side of the vent filter cover interfering with my cabinet doors. The protrusion is unnecessary, and sticks up higher than the microwave or the door. I'm just squeaking by now, but those two cabinet doors had to be moved up to the limit, and misaligned with the rest of cabinets on this wall. I dearly miss the timer ... read more and end of cooking chime continuing to sound until either the door is open or the cancel button pressed. Yeah, I keep finding those half full cups of coffee that got forgotten, it's a nuisance. The Extendavent works better than the standard vent, but it's far from capturing all that's coming from the stove. My biggest gripe as to the performance, is that the meat defrost cycle is too aggressive. Defrosting by weight will get you cooked ends on the meat. The door latch has a plastiky, scraping sound to it. It's unpleasant to the point that I checked other units in the store to make sure mine was OK. All make the ugly scraping sound. Other than the above, the oven appears to work fine.
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    1. 3 months ago
      Easy to Use
      We were needing to replace our previous LG microwave that we had for 8 years. Wanted to keep things simple by staying with LG. We were able to use the existing mounting bracket that was already in place. Which made the re-installation quick & easy. Plus the keypad functions were similar to our previous LG oven & familiar to us. The Energy Saver Button to turn OFF the display when not is use is a nice feature.
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    2. 5 months ago
      I bought this microwave less than a month ago and it was a great buy the stainless steel look and spacious inside without the bulky door that other brands have. Unfortunately something that shouldn't have been in there was microwaved and it burnt out. But because I liked this microwave alot I had just bought the exact same one 2 days ago. I was in luck because when I bought the first one my local Lowe's store said that it was the last one. Since then they got another stock of it and I had bought ... read more the last one again. So there must be a very high demand for this type.
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    3. 11 months ago
      like the microwave but !
      I like the microwave oven over all / but was dissapointed at the very dull cooking serface light you would think this day and age you would have installed a bright LED light why what happened seems like a bright idea to me !
      Sweepstakes entry received for review.
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