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    Cook every meal with power and precision. LG ranges and ovens boast innovative technology for restaurant-worthy performances every night of the week. And with their stylish clean lines, they'll blend seamlessly into your décor.
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    Average Rating for Ranges & Ovens

    1. 2 years ago
      Lovely addition to our kitchen
      This range is exactly what I wanted when I bought it three months ago. I used it to make Thanksgiving dinner and the two ovens were a feature that I had hoped would be perfect. The problem became evident when the lower rack of the lower oven did not heat the same as the top shelf. It was a bit harrowing to not have the turkey breast heat up after one hour. I promised myself I would read the manual to see if there is a technique that I missed but I have not done that to date. I spot clean ... read more the top after cooking and clean the grills and surfaces completely once a week. That said, the black surface is cleaned with a microfiber cloth and looks new. The stainless is not so easy to keep spotless and not scratch.
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    2. 1 month ago
      Love this range!
      I’ve always had electric stoves, but cooked on a gas range once when I was at a resort. I loved it so much I talked my husband into putting a gas line into our house and buying a gas range. We chose the LG because we trust their products. We were not disappointed. Cooking with gas is so much more efficient than with electric. It heats up faster and the heat stays even throughout the cooking process. And we love our LG range. It’s very easy to operate and easy to clean. We made an excellent choice.
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    3. 6 months ago
      Beautiful Range
      I have had this range for about 2 weeks now and have cooked and baked many dishes so far. Both the oven and the burners heat up fast. the ultra heat front burner will boil a medium pot of water in about half the time my old one did. It takes a few minutes. The oven had a cute chime when the heat level has been reached. I love how I can cook 2 items at different temps at the same time! The only pitfalls I see are these. It stains so easily. Do not leave any mess for long. Invest in a good range ... read more cleanser and always keep it handy! And the oven doesn’t cook cakes evenly. I find that half way through the bake time, it’s best to rotate the pan. Not an issue with cookies or thinner items. Overall a great range and I would recommend it to anyone!
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    1. 2 months ago
      Love this stove
      Bought this to replace the stove that was in our house when we bought it, this is a great stove, it cooks evenly and I love that there are so many different sizes on the burners. The oven is fantastic and food doesn't stick to the bottom if what your cooking overflows, just wipes out with a damp cloth. Definitely recommend to anyone who loves to cook.
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    2. 3 days ago
      Great looking range
      We just renovated our kitchen and we chose this stove. It is sleek and easy to use with great features such as convection cooking which seems to speed things up a bit. The stove looks amazing and we really love the cobalt color of the oven.
    3. 3 months ago
      Very happy! Beware of nefarious reviews!
      Shopped for 2 months looking for the "perfect" range. My requirements: electric, front controls. Pretty simple. Worst thing I did was read reviews. EVERY SINGLE RANGE has very good reviews, and then a handful of bad ones. Some of the bad were user stupidity, but some caused concern: Broken glass top within a month, knobs that turn on too easily, control boards going bad in 2 weeks...Botton line for me is this: I found a range with the features i like. I rolled the dice because there is always a ... read more chance you buy a lemon. This product, so far, is a gem. The glass top is intact, but I have not dropped a brick on it, nor have I thrown a cast iron skillet onto it. The control knobs do not turn on because I look at them, they turn on because I grabbed the knob with my hand and turned it. The ultra heat boils water faster than our previous stove, however the time it takes to boil water is not something I have actually timed, nor would a minute or two make a difference in my life. The oven has bake, broil, and convection settings. The Easter ham was awesome! The chicken I cooked tonight was thoroughly and evenly cooked! We've had the range a month and love it. It has more gadgets than we wanted, many we may never use, but what it does do is cook stuff and bake stuff really well. And after a months time, it's still doing a great job. As of now, I would highly recommend this range and would buy it again if the need arose. Dont let the negative Nancy's out there scare you off. Make up your own mind. Half the reviews I read about this were complaints...I have none. Thanks for a nice product, LG. Thanks to myself and my wife for good, hot food!
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    1. 2 weeks ago
      Love my new Range
      We needed a new range to complete our kitchen remodel. We discussed features and the specifications that had to be met. This range is more than I expected, it is very attractive and has a lot of functions. I can select cooking methods and it has a smooth cooking surface which seems cleaner than my previous range. It also has an easy oven clean method. It has a much sturdier feel to the oven door and bottom drawer for storage. I love the preheat jingle it playes. My meatloaf cooked evenly and I ... read more have found no reason to dislike this product. I would definately purchase it again.
    2. 4 weeks ago
      I bought this stove because my 5 yr old Samsung oven blew up! So far this stove has been great after figuring out controls, I really like it pre heats oven fast.
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    3. 4 months ago
      Lovin LG!
      I bought this oven recently, my other range just died. I have been wanting a Convection Oven for a few years now. I cook all the time, got some new cookware that is perfect for this range. All the appliances is my house are LG. I do recommend reading the owner's manual. I have read most of the reviews and it would appear to me that some of the issues customers are having is do to lack of reading the manual. I have enjoyed using my oven and love my selection. The interior is just beautiful!
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    1. 1 month ago
      I Am Retiring "the Six-Week Cooking Window!"
      When I cooked with a single oven, I was always frustrated as I tried to have the entree and all the side dishes ready at the same time. About 20 years ago, I had become so frustrated with the time-consuming dinner juggling act that I established a " six-week cooking window" -- a period from Thanksgiving to New Year's Day during which I would be willing to prepare multi-ingredient, multi-step, multi-dish meals. With my new LG double oven, I am no longer frustrated that my entree is ready to ... read more serve while I wait for the vegetables to roast because the entrees are ready within a few minutes of the side items. In fact, I am so thrilled with my LG double oven that I am planning to retire the juggling act and the "six-week cooking window."
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    2. 3 years ago
      This is a great range!
      We bought this range almost a month ago, its a little pricey but SO worth it! I love the dual oven feature and the fact that it heats up really fast. It also holds the heat in really well where my last oven did not. I have a toddler so getting a range with the knobs up front was a concern; however LG thought of us with little kids and provided a way to lock the range & oven from being used. Two thumbs up here LG Thank you!
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    3. 3 weeks ago
      Works well
      This is a replacement for my old LG - just an upgraded model. I like almost everything except for the hot surface feature. My old range had a hot surface light over every knob so I could tell at a glance which burner was hot. This model has only one warning light in the middle of the front section so it's hit or miss on how to tell which burner is still hot. Have to be careful not to get burned.
    1. 2 years ago
      Great Gas Range!
      We purchased this range in May, 2017, and have been so pleased with its performance so far (four months). We cook a lot and seldom eat out, so we've used it pretty extensively during our ownership. This is my wife's first experience with a gas range, and she indicated that she will never go back to an electric range. We've used both the traditional and convection modes and sure like the flexibility. Not only is great to cook with, it's a good looking appliance. We did have to convert it ... read more from natural gas to propane, and that's the only thing that LG could approve on by adding the option to order it in either natural gas or propane configurations.
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    2. 5 months ago
      Great gas range
      Easy to use. Multiple gas ports to fit different size pots. I like the simmer port which is convenient to continue cooking without burning or scorching other meals. Only regret that the installation extended the range several inches into the kitchen area. Gas line and electrical outlet should be recessed since rear of range doesn't allow room for hose and cord.
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    3. 2 days ago
      Has all the features we wanted in a gas range
      We purchased the product a couple months ago, we remodeled the kitchen and so glad we did
    1. 4 months ago
      Helps me make great meals!
      We have had this even for 3 weeks. The smooth top cooking surface is great. It is easy to clean and the burner features are nice. The adjustable sizes fit my cookware better and the cooking temperature adjustments are great. The oven is a very nice size and will be perfect for my wedding cakes and family dinners.
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    2. 2 weeks ago
      Sharp Looking
      I brought this LG stove on June 21 and was delivered on June 25. The drawer was not straight across under the oven door. I was suprised they couldn't take the drawer out and adjust it. Told me I would have to get another stove. On July 8 I received a new stove. I have to get used to pushing buttons for everything. I love the stainless steel and the selection of different size burners. I wish the drawer was bigger to hold more pans and you could take it out to clean under the stove, like my old ... read more stove. Cooking on it is faster.
    3. 1 month ago
      Great features
      I’ve had this stove for a month now and I love it. The oven is easy to keep clean. The range top is easy to use. It’s all digital so, no dials, which means pushing digital buttons. Hopefully they withstand the test of time. The only negative thing I can say about this range, is the top is difficult to keep clean. We use a vinegar and water combination that works great.
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    1. 1 month ago
      Awesome range!
      I bought this range about a month ago and so far love it. The only problem I have with it is the oven dial is hard to read so I have to keep taking it off to find the setting I want. Besides that I love it!
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    2. 8 months ago
      The dream oven
      Before I go into much detail about this range I’d first like to state how gorgeous it is! Yes it’s so fancy and I’m very proud of it! From the color to the design, this oven is very appealing and certainly catches the eye. It’s true, this appliance is smudge &finger proof. You can certainly tell it’s a high quality oven and built well. I can bake faster and cook faster, especially boiling. Foods taste better because heat is distributed more evenly. I love that it’s so easy to wipe off and ... read more clean when I’m done using. Plus the fact it has a self cleaning that only takes 10 minutes! The outside of the oven doesn’t get hot, which was a big deal for me with kids. Knobs on the front is so handy. Complete with 5 burners. Tons of space in each oven and it lines up perfectly with my counter. Has a smart app that’s so easy to navigate, that’s where you will access self cleaning or get diagnostics. I don’t have any complaints what so ever, I’m more then pleased and couldn’t be any happier.
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    3. 11 months ago
      Great Features!
      This is a wonderful oven! Of the three colors offered, ours is the charcoal matte finish; beautiful. The dark blue interior is snazzy. Features are impressive, i.e., infrared speed broil in the top oven. Oven is built to broil with the oven door closed; very little smoke and NO grease splatter. Burners cycle on-and-off to maintain a constant temp. The gliding rack is genius; stabilizing the removal of pans, or simply checking the cooking progress of a dish. WiFi connectivity is built in, ... read more but I don’t think we will take advantage of this particular option. Highly recommend this particular LG item.
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    1. 3 weeks ago
      Fantastic stove
      I’ve had LG for a few years , so when we moved and the new house we bought had a different brand after 6 months of a lousy stove and especially an oven I had to get a new one. I love love my new LG it’s gas burners and electric convection oven. Wouldn’t trade it for anything else.
    2. 5 months ago
      Love the Range
      Have had it 2 weeks now. Love the easy clean as first time we used oven spilled ham juice! Was so easy to clean with the easy clean feature. Also love that the convections setting automatically adjust the heat. The stainless top is very easy to clean with stainless steel cleaner and polish. Much easier than my previous glass cooktop. Also big oven is wonderful. Also like the warm oven setting when cooking on range top.
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    3. 3 months ago
      Thoughtful design
      I enjoy cooking on a gas range. However, when it was time to shop for a new range, I discovered the dual fuel option. I like the even cooking on a gas top and dependable electric oven. The surface of my new range is easy to clean. The griddle is also easy to clean. The oven selections are straight forward. The large capacity of the oven is so nice during the holidays, too.
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    1. 6 months ago
      great buy..needs improvement
      purchased 2 months ago. hooked up myself installed a black steel nipple and elbow on the gas regulator on range so the flexible connection won't be strained. the front control panel needs improvement in that it does not light all the way. i have to get a light to see the other controls that don't light up (all the bottom controls) and the legs on bottom to level the range are about as cheap as you can get they do not have threads they are plastic legs that go into thin sheet metal when we are ... read more paying as much for this appliance i would be willing to pay a little more for these improvements,especially the front control panel lights.
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    2. 8 months ago
      Love everything about this Range
      We had the range installed the day before Thanksgiving 2018. Had a plunber come by to help with the propane conversion. Cooked dinner on Tday and had spectacular results. The burners heat evenly, the convection oven bakes perfectly. We even had a Pie baking in the upper oven that came out terrific. We love just about every thing about this range. Looks good too. Its a winner.
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    3. 1 month ago
      Across the board... great buy.
      Love everything about this range and double oven. It's easy to clean and can boil water from cold to full boil in under 7minutes. So much better than the electric oven we were used to. Love the connectivity to WIFI and the functionality it brings. I also love the fact that LG put the thought into making the alarms into "songs" instead of a fire alarm sounding beep! It's the simple things in life that make it good. Makes LG's tag line make a lot of sense.
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