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    Get more from your TV. With an LG Smart TV*, you can watch programming from your favorite broadcasters, access streaming content with the touch of a button, seamlessly share content between devices and more.
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    1. 1 week ago
      Legs are Flimsy
      I’ve bought this tv about a month ago. I love the ultra surround sound that comes out of it. This is my 2nd LG tv. I love LG. The only issue I have that with this 55” tv the legs are flimsy and too close together thus making the tv top head and unbalanced. I have a energetic 5 old and a couple kitties and before I had an issue I went and order a tv mount I didn’t want to take any chances with it being on the bedroom dresser. But if the legs were of quality and held the tv steady I would ... read more definitely give this tv 5 stars! Thanks LG for the awesome products you produce for me and my family!
    2. 3 months ago
      Impressive Color
      I bought this TV about a month ago after my child broke my other TV. I bought the TV about 3 weeks ago and it hasn't disappointed yet. The deep color and richness the LG offers in comparison to other brands is hands down one of the best out there! I use the TV often with the Xbox One X for gaming and streaming services like Netflix (which the TV also has for an app) and the textures are out of this world. Good job LG, I will continue to be a customer from here on out. Completely impressed.
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    3. 3 weeks ago
      My wife wouldn't let me get a new tv unless it was an LG because of the sound quality. None of the other new flat screens matched our 10 yr old LG smart tv for sound. Now if I can get her to use the Apps we can finally cut the cord.
    1. 3 weeks ago
      Wonderful Improvement!
      I replaced a Mitsubishi rear projection TV that I had for over 12 years with a 60" Lg 4K UHD TV. It was not the 65" model that I wanted but the salesperson showed me that the 65" would not fit on my TV stand. Later, while back in the store, I found that indeed there were 65" models that had a center pedestal, so I exchanged the 60" for the 65" LG NanoCell TV, which I paid a bit extra for. I was amazed at how brighter, more color and other neat AI.features it had, and I am now totally impressed ... read more with the product. Well done, LG!
    2. 2 months ago
      Great color and blacks
      8600 series Nanocell TV is quite impressive. I really did not expect the black level to be as good as they are, but the TV does approach the quality of OLED in normal lighting conditions. I believe the only time you're going to really be able to tell if you're watching OLED or nanocell is if you have an OLED side by side for comparison. Owning an LG c8 OLED, I was quite impressed with this LCD nano-cell TV and how good the black level is. One thing I noticed from my last year OLED C8 is that the ... read more 8600 Nano cell faster Indy menu operations. Even though the alpha 7 ship is in the nanocell versus the alpha 9 chip in the OLED, the LCD TV seems a little bit faster with smart app navigation. For the price LG has created a TV with tremendous value as well as longevity especially if your gaming and are worried about burning issues that may be an issue with OLED TVs.
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    3. 2 months ago
      Good TV...but I miss my plasma
      The TV is located in a large living room - kitchen great room. When viewed from the living room it is straight on. Viewed from the kitchen, it is at about a 30 degree angle. My old plasma handled this well, no problem. But no one makes plasma TV's anymore. When the plasma went out we looked for a TV able to handle the angle of viewing from the kitchen. Being familiar with computer LCD monitors, I knew a IPS was much better at this than a TN panel monitor. This was a major (read deal breaker) ... read more concern. I don't know if OLED TV's have this problem but they are out of my price range anyway. So I find this LG. It seems to be alone as a large panel IPS, modestly priced screen. It does handle the angle well but not quite as good as my old plasma. But I rate a TV on picture quality and here I knock it down a notch. It may not be the TV's fault. I live in a rural area where we (still) have poor internet speeds. I am not able to take advantage of the 4K features such as HDR. Maybe Elon's Starlink internet will fix that. I enjoy this TV. It is smarter than I am. The features are impressive. I would recommend this TV, especially to anyone who has a moderate viewing angle.
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    1. 1 year ago
      Surprisingly delightful!
      I needed a TV for my kitchen. So, having rather good past experiences with LG products, I decided to purchase this model. The price was right, and this was the largest available TV that will fit in my space. I was really surprised at the performance of this TV, especially given that it was released in 2014. Being a sound buff, my favorite feature is how this TV adjusts the sound it projects based on your particular setup (wall-mounted? standalone?, etc.). My only complain is that the "smart" ... read more features are limited -- but I knew that prior to purchasing this TV.
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    2. 2 years ago
      Great Small Smart TV !
      All the VOD apps you would want are available on this model. Navigation for VOD apps is easy. WiFi set-up was a breeze and works flawlessly. Remote control is well laid-out and logical. This model uses an Innolux S-MVA panel. (Yes, folks, this is NOT an LG IPS panel).There is a bit of "noise" or smearing of black areas under certain image conditions, but is not distracting (Over-the-air (OTA) signals are cleaner than cable signals in this regard). I understand this is a characteristic of ... read more the Innolux panel, not a defect in the TV itself. Otherwise, the image is excellent. As usual, LG provides a myriad of picture adjustment controls, almost mind-boggling, and typically only found on high-end models. The OTA tuner received all digital channels (172 program streams!) in the Los Angeles broadcast market with a rooftop antenna. A great secondary TV for the kitchen or bedroom. My only lament is that no one is providing S-Video inputs anymore, even in these smaller sets. Yet, they retain those good old RCA ones dating back to the 70's (?). A pity.
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    3. 3 months ago
      I have wanted to replace a TV that we have in our in our kitchen on the counter. I was suprised to find that the store I normally buy TVs only had 34" and larger units to sell. I also needed a 20 to 24" TV with a tuner. I found a 2016 LG 24" which included a tuner and was also a smart TV. It fit perfectly under our kitchen cabinets on the counter. I am extremely satisfied with this LG TV all the LG products I own ! Keep up the good work and quality LG.
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    1. 2 months ago
      Excellent 4k TV
      I bought the OLED tv about a month ago from Costco. I had previous experience with LG OLED tv as I suggested to my brother in law to purchase one last year when he was looking for a new high def set. I saw his first hand in the house and I knew right then and there, that I would have to have one of these outstanding sets. Well I got mine, and the picture is just beautiful!!!! Best picture and colors I have seen on a tv!!!!!
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    2. 5 months ago
      best picture ever
      We have had our OLED TV for 3 weeks now and I am enjoying TV more than ever. The colors are so vivid, the blacks so black. The picture is sharp and, just for fun, I go to youtube to be wowed by UHD 4K video. The price was high, but I have no regrets, this is the best TV ever. We also bought an LG aptos sound bar to go with this TV and it is great to have such high quality audio while watching TV.
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    3. 3 weeks ago
      LG OLED55C8AUA
      This is the best TV I' ve ever owned. The colors are amazing and accurate. The upscaling on older sources is quite good. Watching reruns on hd programs that I've seen We find ourselves looking at all the colors of items in the background that never had our attention before. Looking foward to football season.
    1. 2 months ago
      Great Color and Features
      I was looking around for a 32 inch TV for my patio. I got the white LG and I am very satisfied with my purchase.
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    2. 3 months ago
      I like the features.
      I like the features, such as the selection buttons for Netflix, Amazon, etc. The remote is easy to use.
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    3. 11 months ago
      Great picture
      Love the ease of remote and it's function. Quality.
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    1. 3 weeks ago
      We have been using the TV for about a month now. It's our first 4K HDR TV. Our old 1080P TV finally stop working. The picture quality is excellent. It incredible how light they can make a TV that packs so much technology. We are very impressed with the overall performance of the TV. I would recommend LG products.
    2. 1 week ago
      Great 4K TV at Great Price!
      I purchased this 43" LG 4K tv for my Mom to replace her "other brand" 32" LCD tv for her bedroom. I purchased this 43" LG tv on sale. It was just under 19 lbs. so it was easy breezy to unpack it out of the box and place it up on top of the Chester drawer in Mom's bedroom. Set up was easy and the picture is great! I highly recommend this 43" LG 4K tv.
    3. 4 weeks ago
      Great value
      I'm spoiled in that I recently purchased a 65" LG OLED ThinIQ TV for our main viewing area, but we needed another TV for our basement for movies and gaming. So far, the picture quality of the new TV is perfect for our needs. Setup was a breeze and we are using 30-day trials of Sling and Amazon Prime Video. No complaints except the lack of voice search (in reference to being spoiled above). Typing out searches for shows is painful after being able to use voice commands.
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    1. 11 months ago
      Nice TV but absolutely horrible operator's manual
      Great TV but when I tried to get the manuals online, what I got was a lot of technical stuff but nothing on how to actually operate it. And couldn't find anything on the remote. We've had to kind of guess and just push buttons and we are still trying to find something that explains how to hook up a DVD to it when you have satellite TV.
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    2. 2 months ago
      Great picture, Difficulty adding apps
      On my old smart tv I could add apps eadily to use for internet. I am having a lot of difficulty doung this now. Instructions are not user friendly. But we love the picture!
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    3. 2 months ago
      good picture quality
      We wanted a larger tv. This one was on sale and was an LG which we already had. So we trusted the brand. I love the fact that I can do netflix with the tv remote.( I had a roku stick with the previous tv.) I wish the remote was bigger. the buttons are rather small and hard to see.
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    1. 4 weeks ago
      I wanted to upgrade to a 4K HDR TV and after reading reviews of several brands I settled on the 55 inch LG and I'm glad I did....The perfect combination of quality and performance for a good price. I was so happy with it that I followed up with the purchase of an LG Magic Remote to make my LG experience complete. Would recommend this LG 4K very highly.
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    2. 4 days ago
      Great TV
      I bought this TV a month ago and I love it. Easy set up and connection to the internet! There are also a huge amount of stations that you can stream from the tv itself.
    3. 3 weeks ago
      It has been 10 years since we upgraded our TV. Our old TV had wires running everywhere, a small screen, picture clarity & sound was not good. My wife talked me into a 65" LG Smart TV. I was amazed at the difference. Hookup & install was extremely easy & the picture quality is amazing. We unhooked from our local cable company, stream everything we need, and saved a lot of money. Great experience & product.
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    1. 1 year ago
      It looks stunning!
      I’ve never seen such an amazing display before. It is so thin that it looks like a window.
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    2. 1 year ago
      Best TV in the world?
      There isnt a better premium television than this out there right now.
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    3. 7 months ago
      Holy perfect picture!
      This tv is the most amazing performer I have seen. The contrast is breathtaking and the blacks out of this world! With the “gallery” feature, putting it above a fireplace is a no-brainer; my wife loves the idea of having art up there rather than a black square when we’re not watching!
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