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    From Android phones packed with all the sweet features you want, to basic phones that let you take care of business while on the go, LG phones from Sprint have something for everyone.
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    1. 3 weeks ago
      Really nice phone
      I just needed to trade up from my previous Android phone. I know LG phones have always been good quality and I am not disappointed. Very easy to use and set up and a lot of fun features. Lighting cable is included for fast charging. The phone is so much lighter than my last one. My only negative is there is no LED light in the upper corner to indicate when you have missed a call or notification.
    2. 2 months ago
      Screen size, clarity along with Ease of Use Great!
      I did lengthy review of newer phones to match the needs of my job and personal use. LG has always been a great brand for me. Purchased other brands with horrible stories to tell. My last LG lasted me 3 1\2 years and is still going strong, I will keep for my emergency phone. Only reason for this purchase was needing larger screen for work use of entering reports, and using it as a body cam for my job. This phone has been excelling at all the purposes for which I bought it. The screen is very easy ... read more to see and use in all lighting even outside in Tucson Sun. The camera if super for taking photos which in my security profession is necessary to have clear in any light. LG made the switch from my old phone super easy and took only about 20 minutes with LG switch and my Google Backup. I love this phone and its a great Value spending much less than comparable Samsung $800 or more phones. I also signed up for the free 2 year warranty from LG and they are my cell phone company because they are standing behind their product.
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    3. 2 weeks ago
      Becoming too much like the competition
      I have loved each of my LG phones. From my 8610 Decoy slider with the built-in BT headset to the G3&5 to my V30 and now 40. I just wish they would stop trying to become the competition. The volume and power buttons on the back were amazing. Losing the volume on the V30 then the power on the V40, makes me think I might as well have gotten an offering from the sea of boring. LG isn't going to unseat their competition as the top selling producer, they need to stick with what they are good at- Not ... read more being everyone else. Seriously, the only complaint I have about this thing is that I have to avoid touching the side of my phone so I don't inadvertently change the volume or turn on the screen.
    1. 3 weeks ago
      I always liked LG phones. The V30 plus gives great performance and is equal in quality to the Apple Xr but is half the cost. Love Android. I also think the recording and play back features are amazing.
    2. 2 months ago
      Amazing features and easy to handle!!
      I bought this phone from my future mother-in-law when she upgraded her phone to the V40 & I do not regret a thing about buying it from her!! It's just the right size to fit in one hand easily while the other can hold the stylus*/finger for swiping and looking through any one of the various apps you can download on here without worry of taking up too much memory space. Adding a 200Gb micro SD card definitely boosted my phones speed and ability to play movies, listen to music and upload web ... read more pages/apps seamlessly (wish I could say the same for my home internet!! lol) * - Watch which type you use; certain styles of stylus and the screen protectors don't always agree. That's a rule for any smartphone/tablet/touchscreen laptop, really.
    3. 7 months ago
      Great video quality
      I love this phone it is great for concerts as the sound quality pics up the actual concert sound rather than super bassy sound that you can’t understand. This is my go to phone for concerts!!! But selfies on the other hand don’t like how they have changed the camera to make it like you have a selfie stick!!! Even in a different setting selfies just look weirder than other phone models but this issue is on almost every phone now a days it’s not just this phone. Great quality phone with awesome ... read more features!!! I would recommend this phone for concert goers.
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    1. 3 months ago
      LG Always delivers
      I've been addicted to LG features for quite a few years now and the LG G8 ThinQ doesn't disappoint. I've only had the phone for 4 days, but I already love it. Long battery life, extra cool features like live photo are wonderful. The only complaint I have at the moment is that Google button on the side of the phone. I don't use the assistant very often and my hands hit that button and wake the phone up all the time. I'm hoping to find a way to shut that button off, if I can it will be the perfect phone.
    2. 2 months ago
      Don't Follow the Crowd!!!!!
      I bought my LG8thinq, 3 months ago. I can say after much research on this phone. It's a no brainer this phone is fantastic. It does everything high end phones do for a lot less,Got mine at T mobile for 619.00, GREAT Deal!!! other phones are a grand or more. this phone takes quality pics, love wide angle, I usually use auto, but it has a great Night mode feature. It Works..Fast processor 855 qualcom, 6gb of ram. 128 storage no APP Lag. no hic ups, grease lighting, over all.battery is good for ... read more the day, hand biometric is a gimmick but i do beleive it will get better, stick with the fast fingerprint reader, or face recognition, love my google assistant! thank you no bix...ived owned them all in 20 yrs, 11 yrs of smartphone use, tried them all. But all roads leed back to the LG. It's still a quality Phone. For the money its a steal, next to Sa. an I,Ph. too pricey. do your Homework,Don't follow the crowd!!!! I'm a Thrifty person, I saved 3 to 4 hundred Bucks. on do research. Thanks for reading T Reed Prov. RI.
    3. 3 months ago
      People do not give LG credit like Samsung, this phone is extremely comparable to the s10, but the camera features are much better than Samsung. The difference in the LG G8 thinq is the security features. Samsung made it easy for hacker to get your finger print to be able to mirror and hack info out of your device, LG has made it safe and secure by adding it to the back where it is stored safely into your drive. Kudos to LG for making better devices!
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    1. 11 months ago
      Good phone but poor stylus placement
      The phone is great. I've had the first two Stylo phones, and this is the best one so far, but, this is the first of the Stylo phones where the stylus is on the bottom of the phone and I don't think that was a good idea. It slides out very easily. Even just placing the phone on the table can make the stylus pop out. I have 3 of these phones on my family plan and we've all lost the stylus at least once. Thank goodness it was at home and not out in public and lost forever. If a Stylo 5 does come ... read more out maybe the stylus can go back on top of the phone.
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    2. 10 months ago
      Excellent Phone
      Transfers Apps to SD without an issue. ( As long as the app creator allows this option) I have had no overheating or Battery issues. The Oreo OS is way better than the others. No freezing, buffering, overheating ETC. Phone is very smooth running and charges fast. Love the large display as well! Love all the camera features and the GIF maker. I have owned every LG STYLO and this is by far my favourite. I purchased two more of these phones for my kids. Only difference from our phones and the one ... read more on this site is ours is a virgin mobile. Also the phone cases for this phone are awesome. Although this doesn't matter I love that you can find the big 3d phone cases for these. I had a lot of trouble finding them for my past LG stylo's.
    3. 8 months ago
      decent phone
      I brought this phone as a christmas present though it was not the phone i was hoping to purchase . I use to love lg phones but some how they got more expensive and other brands were cheaper at times or i didnt like the style of the phone .so some of the specs are a downgrade from my privious phone . the back of the phone is nice if you ever need finger prints this the phone for that .both cameras are good and the battery last me the whole day pretty well, that speaker though works well for ... read more speaker phone but for videos seems like it can be louder .However i have yet been through all the apps on the phone so i have more exploring to do. hopefully by december of 2019 this phone will still work .why wasn`t this phone given a 4000 battery that would have been a world changing phone possibly . how about a different color options since yall made the phone a fingerprint magnet.
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    1. 2 months ago
      Great everything honestly
      I bought it a couple weeks ago its a gorgeous phone fast snapdragon 845, the camera is very good quality I would of gotten the lg g8 but money was not on my side but this phone blew me away with all of the features it has and the fact it has a Hi dad makes it even better and also the Dtsx 3d surround sound thats awesome including the boombox speaker inside the phone it truly amplifys whatever your listening to and the screen is crisp and bright if im correct 1,000 nits which in other words you ... read more will not have trouble looking at this phone in direct sunlight at all.
    2. 3 months ago
      Great So Far!
      I've only had my G7 for a couple weeks but so far everything has worked flawless. I previously had a LG G5 and really liked that phone. The G5 did have some problems finding a GPS signal which that phone was known to have and the volume down button had quit working after a couple years use (hoping this G7 won't have any of those problems. Battery life has been about what I expected and screen clarity is excellent. Camera is great and love the home button on the back of the phone. I've so far had ... read more Motorola, Samsung, and LG smartphones and have liked the LG phones the best, hands down. ,
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    3. 2 months ago
      Great phone for the price! Features of flagships
      I decided to give LG phones a chance. I wasnt going to since in the past they had many issues. Im glad I did. I saw the specs..processor, memory ect. They were basically the same as the other flagship phones like the s10, s9 and such but price as way better. The phone want huge since a lot of phones are to big, the screen is not as top of the line phones but that didn't matter because it was hardy that noticeable. It's fast and wasn't loaded with crapware. I bought a second one to give to my ... read more wife. The sound is very good from the speakers. I would recommend this phone and you don't have to shell out the rediuclous price that other hardware is charging and get basically the same specs. Also they gave me a second year warranty at not cost. I'm sure it's for manufacturing defects or software/firmware issues that are their fault but ours nice to have.
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