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    How to connect Wi-Fi appliances to

    LG SmartThinQ App

    What can I do with SmartThinQ App?

    The LG SmartThinQ application will connect smart home appliances (Refrigerator, Washer, Dryer, Range, Styler and many more ...)

    • The following device models with LG SmartThinQ logo are compatible.

      Washer WT1901*, WT7200*, LUWM101*, WM9500*, WM9000*, WM5000*
      Dryer DLEX5000*, DLGX5001*, DLEY1901*, DLGY1902*, DLE7200*, DLGX9501*, DLEX9500*, DLEX9000*, DLGX9001*, DLG7201*
      Refrigerator LMXS30796*, LMXC23796*, LFXS30796*, LFXS30766*, LFXC24796*, LMXS28676*, LMXS28626*, LFXS28566*, LFXS28968*, LSXS26396*, LSXC22396*, LSXC22486*, LSXC22426*, LSFXC2496*, LSFXC2476*, LNXS30866*, LNXC23726*, LNXC23766*, LUPXS3186*, LUPXC2386*, LSSB2692*, LSFXC2496*, LSFXC2476*
      Air Conditioner LW8017*, LW1217*, LW1017*, LP1417*, ARNU*4, ARNH*4, LMAN*7HVP, LMN*9HVT, LMCN078HV, LCN*8HV4, LDN*7HV4, LCN*7HV, LHN*7HV, LVN*0HV4, LVN*0HV
      Robot Vacuum Cleaner CR3465*, CR5765*, CR3365*
      Air Purifier AM501*
      Range/Oven LUTD4919*, LUTE4619*, LSE4617*, LSE4612*, LSE4613*, LSE4611*, LSG4512*, LSG4513*, LSG4511*, LUTG4519*
      Dishwasher LUDP8997*, LDT7797*, LDP6797*, LDT5665*, LDP5665*
      Styler S3RFBN
      TV W8, G8, E8, C8, B8, B8S, SK95**, SK85**, SK81**, SK80**, UK75**, UK69**, UK67**, UK65**, UK64**, UK63**, LK62**, LK61**, LK59** (WebOS 4.0 operating system only)

    Do you have Google Assistant or Amazon Echo?

    Once your LG SmartThinQ app is properly setup, you need to download and setup your Google Home or Amazon Echo mobile app to connect to your voice assistance device.