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    Need to RA your LG Commercial Display unit? Request conveniently online.

    Business Customers Only: If you have any questions, please call Commercial Display RA line at 888-865-3026 option 1, option 4.

    Consumer Products: Please visit our Message : consumer Request a Repair section for proper assistance.

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    Unfortunately, scheduling a repair service online is currently unavailable for your selected product Please contact us 888-865-3026 to receive support.

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    Agree to be invoiced

    By electing to receive advance replacement, I agree to the following terms.

    1. 1) Acknowledge that your previous unit will be returned to LG within 10 business days from the receipt of replacement unit.

      - Pre-paid shipping label, along with instruction letter will be sent to you by email once your case has been approved.

    2. 2) Have your previous unit packaged properly with original box with inner packaging.
    3. 3) Utilize prepaid label and deliver to your nearest drop box or release the package to carrier when LG arranges it for pick up.
    4. 4) Be sure to have copy of tracking number prior to releasing your package just in case of loss or unforeseeable situations.

    If your previous unit is not returned within 10 business days, you will be notified of non return status and will be requested to return the unit. If not received within 30 business days, an invoice for the full cost of the replacement unit will be issued by LG Electronics to the RA requestor.

    This consent remains valid for one year from the submittal date and will be used as a legally-binding promissory note for all exchanges and RA during that time period