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    Discover LG T-Mobile phones and get the super-fast performance of T-Mobile’s 4G LTE network, combined with innovative features like quad-core processors, Android interface, advanced camera technology and so much more.
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    1. 3 months ago
      LG Always delivers
      I've been addicted to LG features for quite a few years now and the LG G8 ThinQ doesn't disappoint. I've only had the phone for 4 days, but I already love it. Long battery life, extra cool features like live photo are wonderful. The only complaint I have at the moment is that Google button on the side of the phone. I don't use the assistant very often and my hands hit that button and wake the phone up all the time. I'm hoping to find a way to shut that button off, if I can it will be the perfect phone.
    2. 3 months ago
      Pleasantly surprised!
      I was actually shopping for another Samsung, but they just didn't have the features I wanted the way I wanted them, and they cost more. I'd had an LG years ago and decided to try it again. I have not regretted it one bit! It was so easy and intuitive to use right away, even new features I've never had before! The sound is far more clear than my former phone, and it's FAST. It does everything so fast! I love it and am so much happier with my purchase than I expected to be. Thanks, LG, for ... read more designing a phone with the user in mind!
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    3. 1 week ago
      I love the options
      We changed carriers 2 days ago and I purchased a phone that was being promoted by the carrier. I thought a phone is a phone. Boy was I wrong. I returned the other phone and upgraded to the G8ThinQ the next day. I love the LG phones. This is my second LG and will be my future phones.
    1. 6 months ago
      Really excellent phone
      It's hard to criticize this phone...I guess the one thing is it's lack of QI charging, but that's really a secondary feature. Physically, the design is beautifully thin and the build is super tight...obvious quality, nicer than an iphone IMO. Operationally with its processor and 8.1 it runs fast and very reliably. The screen isn't OLED but it's very clear and nice...we're talking about a mid-price phone. Haven't had a problem with any feature, nothing at all...and that in itself is unusual ... read more enough to be worth 4 stars.
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    2. 11 months ago
      It has everything but qi charging
      I've had this phone for 3 months now. It is cry responsive and has all of the features I want. I'm very glad I bought it when I did.
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    3. 9 months ago
      I got this phone as a birthday present and I try very hard to take care of it. I don't have a case or screen protector and yet after dropping it so much, I only have a few scratches. Unlike iPhone, this phone doesn't die quickly and fingerprint is much more efficient. Fingerprint ID has never worked for me on iPhone but it works perfectly on my LG. I love this phone and I love LG!
    1. 4 months ago
      Excellent phone
      This phone is great. I love all the features that the phone has. My favorite is the fingerprint recognition. I've gotten used to this feature and I would have given 5 stars but my fingerprint feature is glitchy now and upon reporting the issue to LG, I have to do a hard reset on my phone to hopefully fix the issue. I haven't had the time to do this & I actually don't want to deal with it but LG says it should fix the issue. Just bummed that I have to go through the trouble. Other than that, I ... read more really enjoy this phone and always get compliments from my photos. I love the wide angle lens on this thing too!
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    2. 7 months ago
      Great video quality
      I love this phone it is great for concerts as the sound quality pics up the actual concert sound rather than super bassy sound that you can’t understand. This is my go to phone for concerts!!! But selfies on the other hand don’t like how they have changed the camera to make it like you have a selfie stick!!! Even in a different setting selfies just look weirder than other phone models but this issue is on almost every phone now a days it’s not just this phone. Great quality phone with awesome ... read more features!!! I would recommend this phone for concert goers.
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    3. 1 month ago
      Outstanding cellphone
      I used to own an LG G2 cellphone. The LG V30+ that I bought is better in just about every way except it's heavier. If the LG V30+ were as light as the LG G2, then this phone would be perfect.
    1. 2 months ago
      Good phone for average users.
      As long as you don't use tons of apps and need a great camera this isn't bad. Camera takes decent pics in fair lighting, low lighting will not be as good. And the speaker isn't the best but it's not terrible, use portable speaker if you need want to listen to loud music and videos. Graphic intense games won't play great but will work just not great. Battery life is good. I have no real issues with it. In fact this is one of my favorite phones I've ever owned.
    2. 1 year ago
      I love my Stylo 4 amazing phone
      I have had many different types and brands of phones this phone has everything I could imagine I would want in a phone. I brought my lg Stylo 4 , 2 days ago and haven't put it down since it truly is the phone I have never had the ease of use it has everything you need no need to down load extra cleaners it is a all in one phone it is a sleek and very comfortable to hold and very pleasant to look at and show off to my friends after looking and trying out mine they are getting one to my lg Stylo ... read more 4 is a well built quality peace of art to me. Thank you lg for making such an affordable phone that I personally and my partner have both fell in love with our lg Stylo 4 phones. I am happy I and my partner purchased this phone keep up the excellent work LG.
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    3. 4 months ago
      Fantastic, all around..
      I picked up this phone about 2 months ago and I have never been happier with a device in my life. I've never owned a phone with a stylus and I must say, it has just the neatest of features. It's so quick and easy to write notes on this thing, which is a life saver because I'm a very forgetful man. I could go on and on about my Stylo 4, but in a word, I didn't hesitate in giving this device a full 5 out of 5. Great for anyone.
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    1. 1 month ago
      Feature rich phone at an affordable price
      This phone has every option available on the market today including some that aren't. This phone has expandable storage, and head phone Jack with good quad dac, ip68 water resistance, and a wide angle camera on the front and back of the phone, and wirless charging. All of these which other phones consider to be extras, lg puts all of these into there phones which keeps me coming back time and time again.
    2. 2 weeks ago
      Love my new phone this makes the third LG for me
      This makes my third LG phone. Started to try something different but decided to stick with a LG If it ani't broke don't fix it...
    3. 3 weeks ago
      Great personal features.
      Really happy with all the ways LG allow you to make personal touches to their phones. Really excited to take this phone with me to DC to see what wonderful pics it will take as my last LG Innhad took many pics that I thought looked ggetter then other phones with top reputations for pics.
    1. 2 months ago
      Bodacious phone!
      I've always been an LG fan. No other phones for me. The Stylos have been a personal favorite of mines for quite some time. The Stylo 4 though I would say is a stable for LG's affordable phones. My little cousin swears by hers and thinks the Stylo 4 is better then the LG V40 even! I expected excellent features on it to be on the LG G7 THINQ but was disappointed that it didn't have the double tap on fingerprint sensor screenshot shortcut, doesn't have the notification bar slide down with ... read more fingerprint sensor shortcut or the search by pulling down on home screen shortcut. Nevertheless that isn't a shortcoming of this phone it still stomps the Stylo 4 and all other phones in the market for that matter. I freaking love this phone and it's features the camera take jaw dropping photos allowing full control for picture perfect photos. The processor is super fast no lagging the RAM allows for multi tasking it's just an all around great phone
    2. 3 months ago
      Glad I got it
      I got the phone mostly because of the lower price from T-Mobile and I'm very happy I did. Professional reviewers slamm phones, including most LG ones, for things that are negligible in everyday use. With this phone everything is more than satisfactory and audio (the only feature I'm concerned about) from it on good headphones is phenomenal. Processor is great. Everything else is just fine: battery, screen, camera. I like the design. Don't understand the fuss about the notch. Finger sensor is ... read more fast. Maybe the only thing I wish you could do is use the Google assistant, which I don't use, for something else.
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    3. 3 weeks ago
      Great phone
      I got this phone when I traded in my Samsung galaxy s8. This phone is great for someone that does not care about having the newest phone and rather wants a phone that works great and has a long battery life. I have a case but no screen protector and while I was worried about that when the sales guy told me I wouldn't need one he was right that I wouldn't need one since I have now dropped it multiple times I have to say it has great durability. I do miss some of the little features that my galaxy ... read more had like being able to activate the screen by touching it but that's not a huge deal to me just an adjustment so overall a great phone.
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