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    Average Rating for Top Load Washers

    1. 2 weeks ago
      Impressive Machine!
      This is honestly the first "high-end" washer that I've ever owned and I'm LOVING it. It makes doing laundry a breeze because there are so many different types of wash cycles and the machine senses the load size so I never have to select a multitude of settings manually. It's also high-efficiency so it's saving on electricity and it's remarkably quiet. One thing that I especially love is the tub size--it's huge compared to the washer that I previously owned and what would have once been ... read more considered a "large" load in my last washer now only fills about half of the tub in this one! Another kind of fun thing about it is that the lid has a clear window in it and there's something almost mesmerizing about being able to actually see my laundry being done (my inner child gets a kick out of this). Although not a necessary feature, the machine is also compatible with a downloadable app which allows one to control the wash cycles remotely from a cell phone and it's even possible to have LG help troubleshoot the machine through the app if necessary. Long story short, I'm really happy with the machine so far and it's making me wish that I'd upgraded sooner.
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    2. 2 weeks ago
      Can you be in love with a washing machine?
      First of all this machine is so sleek and modern looking. When you up open the top lid straight up it reveals the biggest drum I've ever seen! I feel like I have my own personal laundromat at home now. First thing I washed was a king size comforter. Plenty of room for it to more around. I used to have to cram it in my old machine and it probably didn't even really wash a lot of it. I thought I had wanted a front loader but this LG changed my mind.
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    3. 2 weeks ago
      Incredible washer that can do so much!
      I’m amazed at the size of the drum of this washer. I had a full size laundry basket full of clothes expecting it to fill the washer and once I put all the clothes in the washer, it wasn’t even half way full. It really is huge. I love all the wash options, it makes it very easy to do laundry and do it right. If I’m washing towels, I put it on the towels option. It really is nice and make doing laundry painless. The area to put in detergent and fabric softener is in a great place and out of the ... read more way. It’s really just a beautiful machine I wish I would have gotten sooner! I literally have washed every comforter and pillow in my home just because I can, and so easily.
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    1. 7 months ago
      New Washer makes my clothes more clean
      I really like my new washer! I like the washer not having the agitator. I didn't realize that there is a part in the bottom of the washer that can turn the opposite direction and act like an agitator in the bottom of the washer, until I purchased the machine and watched it work. The buttons are easy to figure out, learn and use. I like that the washer load can be so large because the tub is huge. This washer cleans my clothes wonderfully using very little water. Pros & Cons for a clear ... read more lid -- I can watch the clothes wash -- Cons -- I need to clean the lid on the inside more frequently. Pros & Cons for a large, deep tub w buttons on the front -- Pros -- easy access to the buttons. I can wash large loads of wash Cons -- The lid of the washer hits the cabinetry that is already installed in my laundry room --and I have to stand on my tippy toes to reach the bottom of the washer to get the clothes out None of these "cons" has been a deal breaker. It's a great washer!
    2. 2 months ago
      THE BEST
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    3. 7 months ago
      Great Design, Efficient Product
      After eighteen years my first LGE Washer had to be replaced. Over the years the quality and performance of my original washer led me to purchase another updated design from the LGE line. I have been extremely satisfied with my new washer. The sleek design of the control panel offers lots of washing options. I have found that the agitatorless system allows for better washing and a more efficient spin cycle, in turn creating less drying time. One of the best new features is how the detergent ... read more dispenser dispense preventing that gunky build up you normally get over time. I would highly recommend this very efficient reasonably priced washer.
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    1. 4 months ago
      Laundry made easy!
      I’ve only had the washer for a few weeks, but I am really happy that I chose this model. It’s controls are easy to use. The ‘sensing’ feature takes all the guess work out of load size and time needed to wash. The presets make washing a snap; and you can adjust water temperature and spin to meet the needs of the laundry load. The size of the tub is perfect for bulky bedding. The detergent and softener drawer is removable for easy cleaning. The washer runs quietly! I actually feel as though I’m ... read more not working nearly as hard as I use to when doing my laundry! I’ve always owned a washer with an agitator but after using this new washer, I am sold on the top loader without an agitator! I actually look forward to doing my laundry!
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    2. 4 months ago
      Easy To Use
      I bought this white 5.0 gal top load washer, and was initially struck by how many buttons were to push. However, I found the buttons are pre-punched for the kind of load you have. It's as easy as punching the start, adjusting the load kind, putting in the detergent and the softener. Once that is done, close the lid and punch the start button. It takes over from there, and it chimes when finished. There are plenty of adjustments you can make for special circumstances. Great machine!
    3. 2 months ago
      Quiet Washer
      I bought this a month ago to replace our front load LG washing machine which lasted 8 years. We definitely like the foot print of this machine and the ease of loading from the top rather than bending over to load from the front. The machine runs much quieter and really spins the clothes well after the wash. Glad I stayed with LG!
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    1. 2 months ago
      Great! Incredibly huge!!
      This machine is AMAZING! I've only ever used "top loaders," in my life. And after doing laundry for my boyfriend at his house w/the newer front loader, I hated it! Took forever! My new top loader doesn't have the center "agitator," I'm used to. But oh boy! I can fit so much more! And, my clothing has never come out THIS CLEAN!!! LUVING IT RIGHT NOW!
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    2. 2 weeks ago
      Great features
      I bought the washing machine 3 weeks ago. I am happy with the job it does. I was a little disappointed that it did not sync with my phone like it was advertised to do. I have only used 3 of the 14 washing choices but have been satisfied so far.
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    3. 2 months ago
      Large Capacity & Features
      We love this LG washer. In particular, the wash and rinse cycles are exceptional - the tub wall pulses one way while the bottom of the tub pulses in the opposite direction creating a gentle back a fourth washing action. The exception number of washing options are well complemented by extra options to tailor each wash load to your liking. Its large capacity should be able to handle any load we have. VERY NICE WASHER.
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    1. 1 month ago
      LG Washing Machine Review.
      Quality made washing machine. Has many settings for different garments, even one for waterproof garments. Water efficient, the washer senses how large or small the load is and fills up based on that. Plenty of room for big loads. I like that the top is glass and I can see the clothes wash, I also love that it has a timer so I can see how much longer my load will take, it also has a chime sound when the load is finished washing. My husband has a very dirty job and this washing machine works ... read more wonders at getting the filth out. It's a quiet machine as well. Clothes ring out almost dry, no dripping of water. Clothes come out smelling fresh. Wifi enabled you can connect to your phone and start the machine from a distance. Now all I need is a matching dryer.
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    2. 1 month ago
      Great washer with large capacity
      This washer was a nice upgrade for me! The 5.0 capacity drum allows me to wash my three toddlers laundry in one load rather than having to split it up. The clear lid is a nice feature. There are so many options on the settings from those that you expect a washer to have and more. I downloaded the LG app for this machine and have been using it. The app will let you know the current status of the wash cycle and alert you to when it is done. This has been a great washer for our family of five. I ... read more highly recommend this washer!
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    3. 1 month ago
      Dream Machine!
      In my wildest dreams I never knew how wonderful technology could work with this washing machine. We are so very impressed. The initial set up was so easy. Such a bonus to have smaller machine in size with a much larger drum. I am so glad the old agitator is gone, it could be so rough on clothes. And bedding. This wonderful machine runs itself. The push button and controls are easy to understand. The sensor is awesome. Detects the weight of your load, adjusts the time automatically according ... read more to your load weight! The water level is fine. The diamond glass see through top allows you to watch all that is going on inside each load. Heavy duty and closes very slowly so there is no slamming of the top. I'm finally able to wash my bedding, a queen size comforter with no problem! No agitator to tear threads as my old one did. I am also able to breathe a sigh of relief when laundering my delicate blouses and pants. This is a huge relief. Every item has come out in great condition. I truly feel there is no laundry situation that this washer cannot handle, and handle well. Lastly, the spin cycle. This spins so quickly and efficiently that clothes feel half dry as you remove them. This has cut down on my dry time for loads...not to mention it is far more efficient and energy saving.... This is a quiet machine, with a lovely melody at the end to signal it is finished. The wifi enabled app is also awesome! You can set the load in the morning and start the machine from a different locale using your phone. That is fantastic! I cannot say enough how very pleased I am with this washing machine. It's a no brainer, literally. It covers every base. Bravo!
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    1. 4 weeks ago
      LG Electronics - WT7800CV
      The LG Electronics - WT7800CV Top Loading Washing Machine is great for cleaning clothes with the latest technology.The control panel settings is easy to use and also the smart features. My laundry comes out clean in cold water and it is genital on the clothes. I like the large capacity tub so I can wash my blankets and comforters . I would diffidently recommend this energy efficient washer.
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    2. 3 weeks ago
      Absolutely love this washer
      Where to start! First off I replaced an old smaller agitating washing machine. This is 1000 times better than that. I never wanted a front loader and was hesitant about a top loader and no agitator. Well after much research this definitely does not disappoint. One of the best features that this water saving machine has is, you can add more water! Many other competitors do not offer this feature and it was a must for me. It gets all of my clothes clean on any cycle. You also don’t need that much ... read more soap which is always a plus. The basin can hold so much clothing sheets! I can do all of our bedding in 1 load now. I also only have to do laundry every other day and still have room in each load to add anything if needed. I can’t wait to use this washing machine for years to come.
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    3. 2 weeks ago
      Powerful But Super Quiet Washing Machine.
      Having been around the block a couple of times I know what I need from a washing machine and this machine delivers! Living in CA conserving water and energy becomes second nature, the smart sensing technology takes care of that for me. With the added advantage of the excellent spin cycles removing as much moisture as is possible I have also been able to reduce drying times too. My favorite feature is the anti vibration system, I once has a washer that sounded like an elephant break dancing every ... read more time the spin cycle was on! The washer has every conceivable combination of wash cycles to clean any item, including one step selections or customised options. The 5.5 cu. ft. drum can easily accommodate all my bedding and the washer's motor is powerful enough to thoroughly clean the items. Other glad to have features: soft closing lid, programmable cycles, super quiet when operating, add garment feature and the smart diagnosis function which can transmit data via a smartphone to the LG customer service center. Overall a great machine which I would highly recommend.
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    1. 2 years ago
      Works great and actually quite entertaining
      I've had this washer and dryer now for about six weeks. So far so good. The washer works great. A bit loud when its spinning your clothes at mach 7, but its worth it. The clothes are almost dry when you pull them out of the washer. Drying time is next to nothing. Well worth it. The best part though is the window lid. We get a kick out of watching the beginning of the cycle. The drum goes one way and the bottom goes another way. Then it stops and spins like the Rotor at your local ... read more carnival. Fun to watch. And don't forget the song it plays when the cycle is over. We all laugh when we hear it. Much better than the standard electroshock buzzer noise. All in all, I love it. Glad I went with the LG and glad I upgraded to this model.
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    2. 4 weeks ago
      Powerful Washer and results
      Have had the LG top loader 7500 for a month, thus far it works great . Taking me a little adjustment to get use to all the electronic settings and preset time for a load to finish.
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    3. 11 months ago
      Large washer with great features!
      We bought this washer about 3 weeks ago and love it. We replaced a front loading washer and are so happy to have a top loader again. I don't drop the clean wash on the floor transferring it to the dryer and it is so much easier on my back. This washer is also huge, so you can get very large loads and bedding done with ease. It has all the different wash options you would want and is relatively quite and HE.
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    1. 3 weeks ago
      Love my new washer!
      I bought my LG washer about a month ago and I absolutely love it! This is my first HE washer. I love that it is also a top load washer. The capacity is great. I can fit bedding with no problems. It is simple to operate and very quiet. And last but not least it cleans great. I purchased based on consumer report reviews and I am glad I did. Overall a great washer.
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    2. 1 month ago
      Easy to use.
      My luxury Whirlpool front load washer died after 12 years. Switched to this LG top load washer. Easy to use, spin speed is fast. Cannot adjust washing time manually.
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    3. 5 months ago
      Good to try something new
      We checked in Consumer Reports and this was the top rated washing machine. There are new features that took us a few loads to get used to but now we are totally comfortable with the new features and are very satisfied with this washer. The digital display was a learning curve but the directions that came with the washer were helpful. It just took doing some loads of wash to understand how the settings on the display panel worked. Switching to an impaler type of washer was a change and we found ... read more it does get the clothes clean. We like the glass top so that we can see what is going on inside the washer. We appreciate how quiet the washer is. The tub is very large and deep.
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    1. 2 years ago
      Great new washer!
      We bought this washer, along with the accompanying dryer, after the set that came with our new house didn't actually work. While we weren't excited to spend the extra money, it has been a good purchase. This was one of the cheaper sets we saw; however, it also was the one we were most drawn to. It holds a LOT of laundry and is easy to use. Only downside for me is being on the shorter side, I have to practically fall into the washer to get clothes out.
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    2. 9 months ago
      Great washer so far - just don't fall in
      I am not a washing specialist, I use basic only - and Bulky. So I wanted the 5.0. Note though this thing is way deep. I am 5'10 - and now use a grabber to get clothes rather than bend over to the point of being laying on the panel. Does a very good job - VERY quiet though seems to throw water out with a bit more noise at the end. I am very happy with this machine. A slight down side - the on and run buttons are flexi plastic and a bit stubborn.
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    3. 1 week ago
      Great washing machine!
      I am so glad I purchased my new washer, it is great
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