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    You want it all—a great camera, sleek design, not to mention all the features that make for seamless connectivity anytime, anywhere. You’ll find it with our collection of Verizon LG phones.
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    1. 3 weeks ago
      Great Phone Very easy to operate and understand.
      I just bought this phone from a Verizon store and a monthly prepaid /auto pay account. I have never had one of these type phones before , always used a flip phone. My wife has been trying to get me , to buying one and trying it out for almost 20 years now . O my gosh , I had no idea how much I had been missing without one, but I was just too afraid to try to learn how to use one, well if you can ride a bicycle" , you can Surely operate one of these LG Zone 4 phones , and that's a Big fact ... read more ". I have been operating this one for 18 hours now without reading Any of the books that came with it , and I have had VERY little trouble figuring out how to set it all up to suite my self and the system is VAST" believe me. The thing will take you by the hand and help you all the way through it , What ever your trying to do with it. I can tell you this, I'm already 110% sold on This LG Zone 4 phone , and also The Verizon phone people , I think their Top notch in my book , and Very fair prices for their phones and Especially their 100% no bull cell coverage nation wide, and That's a Fact . Their service just Words 110% , I don't care where you are , in town or 70 miles out in the country side from any town,large Or small like me, You Will get 100% cell coverage 24/7 period. I Highly" recommend this Android smart phone and Verizon's no contract service plans . For the $115.00 smart phone and a $35 prepaid monthly service , you can not go wrong period .
    2. 5 months ago
      Nice size, super clear photos...
      Extremely happy with my LG. It is the total package at a fraction of the cost of the so called " top of the line phones ". Great engineering and design LG !
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    3. 5 months ago
      Beautiful color and pic resolution
      Ive never had an LG phone, now I'm sold, I can't wait to get the top of the line phone
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    1. 2 weeks ago
      Great phone - no heating or reboot cycles
      originally I was thinking of buying only 1 phone, then T-Mobile/LG had a BOGO Free offer. I was extremely pleased with this phone. Hands down, LG fixed their problems by spacing their chips in a spread out manner
    2. 1 month ago
      Enjoying my g6
      My sister and i both got the g6 within the same few weeks of eachother so I've seen my fair share of issues with both here and there, but I'm not disappointed. They both run smoothly and can take a beating, my sister dropped hers in the toilet and after the water cleared from the speakers it worked great again. Ive had no hiccups with mine yet but over all I'm pretty happy. I've owned every model starting from the g2 and they get better every time.
    3. 5 months ago
      Great phone for a great price!
      I bought this phone a few weeks ago and have been pleased ever since. This phone comes with everything I was looking for and more. I finally have plenty of storage for all my apps, files, and pictures which is amazing since I was always running into storage issues with my other phones. This phone is my first LG and has been surprisingly easy to navigate. I don't notice any issues when browsing online or streaming videos. The sound quality is very good and louder than my previous phone. I really ... read more enjoy the look and feel of this phone. It's not too light that it feels cheap, but also not uncomfortably heavy. The one and only concern I had with this phone is when charging it tends to feel super warm to the touch, but it doesn't last long or seem to cause any problems. One of my favorite features to use is the comfort view option for the screen. I read heavily on my phone and was pleased to find this option. So far I have no regrets with my purchase and have been pleasantly surprised with this phone.
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    1. 2 months ago
      Just....Simply the smoothest phone ever!
      I got this phone over offer up cuz ive been wanting this phone for a long time now.anyway the phone Never lagged onec...not once.an i play games like madden mobile an NBA live an etc.never had a problem. The battery is so strong as long as u dnt torture it by letting it fall below 50%.. The G7 thin q has the best display hands down . Wireless fast charging. The LG G7 thin q is the best phone ive ever owned
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    2. 3 weeks ago
      Great phone
      I got this phone when I traded in my Samsung galaxy s8. This phone is great for someone that does not care about having the newest phone and rather wants a phone that works great and has a long battery life. I have a case but no screen protector and while I was worried about that when the sales guy told me I wouldn't need one he was right that I wouldn't need one since I have now dropped it multiple times I have to say it has great durability. I do miss some of the little features that my galaxy ... read more had like being able to activate the screen by touching it but that's not a huge deal to me just an adjustment so overall a great phone.
    3. 3 months ago
      Great So Far!
      I've only had my G7 for a couple weeks but so far everything has worked flawless. I previously had a LG G5 and really liked that phone. The G5 did have some problems finding a GPS signal which that phone was known to have and the volume down button had quit working after a couple years use (hoping this G7 won't have any of those problems. Battery life has been about what I expected and screen clarity is excellent. Camera is great and love the home button on the back of the phone. I've so far had ... read more Motorola, Samsung, and LG smartphones and have liked the LG phones the best, hands down. ,
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    1. 3 weeks ago
      I always liked LG phones. The V30 plus gives great performance and is equal in quality to the Apple Xr but is half the cost. Love Android. I also think the recording and play back features are amazing.
    2. 1 month ago
      Outstanding cellphone
      I used to own an LG G2 cellphone. The LG V30+ that I bought is better in just about every way except it's heavier. If the LG V30+ were as light as the LG G2, then this phone would be perfect.
    3. 3 months ago
      Awesome all around phone.
      I've had this phone a little over a year now and before it I had a V10. After the V10 started having bug issues a year in, I got a replacement phone courtesy of LG(Thank you LG), i was sent the G6, which was a decent phone that I had for 4 months. But, the G6 didn't satisfy me as the V10 did, so I traded in the G6 for the V30, I was instantly satisfied. I love the V-series phones, they are so underrated and astonishing in every way. The screen, the OS, cameras, the quad dac converter, ... read more everything is great....theres only one small flaw, the speaker phone isnt that loud, but since its a phone speaker and its mono, you cant expect for it to be a boombox. Whoever purchases this phone will not disappointed!!!!
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    1. 3 months ago
      People do not give LG credit like Samsung, this phone is extremely comparable to the s10, but the camera features are much better than Samsung. The difference in the LG G8 thinq is the security features. Samsung made it easy for hacker to get your finger print to be able to mirror and hack info out of your device, LG has made it safe and secure by adding it to the back where it is stored safely into your drive. Kudos to LG for making better devices!
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    2. 3 months ago
      Best phone Ive ever haf in my life
      I've hsd the G8 ThinQ for a fee days now, I have always been a big fan of LG phones, they are the only phones thst pass a military drop test without a case, my multicore score on geekbench for was over 10,800. That beats all the S10's. The 6.1 inch POLED display is the best display they've ever put on a phone. The G8 is built to the highest quality standards and is not buggy like my S10e was, I prefer LG over Samsung anyday on phones. This phone has the most amazing cameras, the back cameras are ... read more actually behind the rear final glass layer, no bump outs at all, the hand gestures are awesome and I always use my palm to unlock my phone, its just as fast as the fingerprint reader, the black color is very luxurious and high class looking, first black phone ive had in a long time. Plus it has the Snapdragon 855, 6GB of very fast RAM, and standard with 128GB of storage, has more to offer than the S10 but is 849 dollars, plus comes with a ton better Android UI skin from LG, much more like stock Android than Samsung's OneUI. Overall I think this is the best android phone on the market, LG just never gets the attention they deserve on their phones, if an iPhone came out with the hands free gestures people would think its out of this world amazing tech. LG introduces it and it works nearly flawlessly once you get use to it and its seen as a gimmick or the likes. This phone has more tech than any other flagship phone on the market, and should be recognized as one of the best on the market.
    3. 2 weeks ago
      Tremendous phone and features, great value.
      The LG G8 ThinQ is truly a great phone. Beautiful screen, great camera(s) front and back, super fast, 128 GB memory built in plus support for up to a 2 TB SD card should allow for loads of space for apps, pictures and videos. It is loaded with Android 9.0 Pie which is also a nice upgrade. The phone is nice and thin and well-built. The back is quite slick though, so I highly recommend putting it into a protective, rubberized case to prevent it from sliding off surfaces. Very happy with my ... read more purchase, and the extended 2 year warranty directly from LG is a really great added benefit.
    1. 5 days ago
      Another LG Success
      I've been with LG for a long time now. My last 4 phones and the V40 Thinq makes my 5th LG and it won't be my last! I had upgraded my son's V20 in June and couldn't get to my upgrade quickly enough! I love the V40 it's retained some more user friendly features from the V20 that were not so hot on the V30. So far it's an amazing phone and I'm in no way disappointed. One thing I wish LG did was partner up with Otter Box for their cases! I want color options!! All 3 phones on my plan are the same ... read more phone in the same case, that's how much we love LG & Otter Box and it's been this way with every single upgrade. I'm pleased that the V40 had and Other box because V20 and V30 didn't. Maybe offer a purchase combo!? I can't see me ever not getting the phone with the case and it would make upgrading a better experience.
    2. 3 weeks ago
      Great personal features.
      Really happy with all the ways LG allow you to make personal touches to their phones. Really excited to take this phone with me to DC to see what wonderful pics it will take as my last LG Innhad took many pics that I thought looked ggetter then other phones with top reputations for pics.
    3. 3 weeks ago
      Really nice phone
      I just needed to trade up from my previous Android phone. I know LG phones have always been good quality and I am not disappointed. Very easy to use and set up and a lot of fun features. Lighting cable is included for fast charging. The phone is so much lighter than my last one. My only negative is there is no LED light in the upper corner to indicate when you have missed a call or notification.
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